Conan O'Brien Visiting Japan Because He Says An Anime Ripped Him Off

Screenshot: Team Coco

Conan O’Brien just announced that he is travelling to Japan. The reason? He claims the popular Detective Conan anime and manga have been ripping him off for years. Of course!

According to O’Brien, Detective Conan debuted a year after his first late night show debuted. Also, he says sleuth is a grown man in a boy’s body - an idea he says that mirrors his own predicament.


If only there was another person who was connected to mysteries named Conan, then this could all be easily cleared up.


    ... maybe we can make it a class action lawsuit. Any other Conan's in?

    Conan O'Brian visiting Japan to save ratings.


    Conan is a classic. Huge nerd. I love it when he does his show from comic-con and dresses up in his superhero suit that was made specifically for him. With a bigger butt. Cause he literally has nothing it’s like a pancake.

      I remember when he went and met the Prime minister of Norway because a fan from Norway sent a letter telling him how about how popular he was over there and the fact that she looked a fair bit like him

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