D.Va’s Overwatch Short Sparks Theories About Her Love Life

D.Va’s Overwatch Short Sparks Theories About Her Love Life

Last week’s Overwatch short starred fan favourite character D.Va and revealed a little bit about her personality. It also gave Overwatch fans a new character to swoon over: Her squadmate, D.Mon.

Not much is known about D.Mon as a character, but that’s never stopped fans from getting attached to a character before, and this time is no exception. Her name is Yuna Lee, and according to Overwatch writer Michael Chu, she and D.Va were on the same esports team before suiting up in giant mechs to fight robots together.

Other fans have noticed some details in the Busan map that feel a little bit more intimate:


The relationship between these characters is not defined, so fans are defining it themselves. Look how cute this fan-art is:






I’m not holding my breath for any more information about D.Mon, let alone this ship being confirmed. Hell, we still don’t know much more about the Junker Queen than we did when she was introduced. I’ll just have to rely on the fandom to fill in the blanks for me.


    • Just to clarify something. Shipping is merely taking two characters (or even real life people on a lesser scale) who are not currently in a relationship together and putting them into one in your head canon. There is nothing inherently weird or gross about it. It’s more or less similar to telling someone “Why did she end up with him? She and this other person would have made such a cute couple”.

      Where it might get “weird and gross” for people though is when two characters get shipped and it goes against your moral beliefs or concepts of a normal relationship. (eg. An alien or fantasy creature and human relationship, or androids)

    • Meh I take pornhubs view as cannon.
      “All overwatch characters are rampant nymphomaniacs that screw everything and everyone.”

    • Please don’t assume these weirdo tumblrinas are anything more than a tiny corner of the OW world.

      • Ha. I do play on the odd occasion… but I can never shake the feeling that half the other players are nude and oiled up.

        Something about Overwatch really sets the DeviantArt community off…

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