Dad’s Gameplay Notes Are Wonderfully Obsessive

Dad’s Gameplay Notes Are Wonderfully Obsessive

When you play through a game, you probably make notes to yourself — mental notes. It’s unlikely you keep notebooks like these. Maybe you do!

Twitter user Ishikoro18 posted images of playthrough notes her father kept for games like Final Fantasy 10-2, Siren, Ico, Silent Hill 3, Kingdom Hearts and more.

Little drawings, maps, and crossed out puzzles and passwords. There is so much detail in these notes.

Ishikoro18 is an animator, and from the looks of her father’s notes, her dad has an artistic streak, too.


  • I remember doing very detailed things like this with games such as OoT, Banjo Kazooie, and Banjo Tooie back in the day.

  • First set of notes are for Myst III: Exile. Perfectly justified for that game’s puzzles. I’ve still got a couple sheets crowded and covered with puzzle notes for Obduction and The Eyes of Ara.

  • This is what people did before the days of the Internet. Well not this great, but similar.

    I had a notebook where I was drawing out the map for Metroid.

  • The version of Myst I had in the 90s actually came with a really nice leather-like notebook for this exact purpose. I think I still have it somewhere

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