Dark Souls: Remastered Hits Switch October 19

If you were keenly awaiting some Souls misery on the daily commute, you won't have to wait too much longer.

Bandai Namco announced overnight that the Switch port of Dark Souls: Remastered would launch October 19 internationally, alongside the very neat Solaire of Astora amiibo. As expected, an online beta will run sometime before release, but no date was announced.

For a look at some over-the-shoulder footage of how Dark Souls held up on the Switch (undocked), here's 20 minutes of gameplay from PAX East earlier this year.


    Oh finally! The Nintendo Switch Subreddit will shut up about this! And Dark Souls on the go!

    This seems like the kind of port that killed the PSP and Vita.

    An extremely difficult, fast-paced, dimly lit action game on portable with a less-than-ideal screen/ controller/ environment (assuming you’re moving) and hardware (I’m betting the FPS isn’t rock-solid or the resolution is low).

    I’m sure some people will love it, and there’ll be 2 or 3 Switch owners who play at home with a proper controller and like really hard games but haven’t owned another gaming machine for the past 8 years (ok, that might be less than 2)…. but this game seems like seems like a terrible idea for anyone else who isn’t already extremely good at Dark Souls and just has to play it in some form on the go.

      Do you know why PSP and Vita died? It didn't die because fast paced games were introduced, it died because no one wants to make games for it.

        They didn’t want to make games for the PSP and VITA because their install bases were terrible.

        And their install bases were terrible because Sony marketed them as “a console in your pocket” and then tried to port over of Playstation games that didn’t run, play or work very well on a handheld.
        The small amount of success those handhelds DID have came from RPG’s and other non-action type games.

        As opposed, Nintendo made most of its Gameboy/ DS/ 3DS mobile games from the ground up to be mobile games (big, bright, colourful) and ended up being much more successful.
        Obviously the dated hardware in the Wii and WiiU combined with the bigger screen on the Switch has changed the equation a bit, but the principle is the same.

          Gameboy and the rest always had weaker hardware than the competition. Gameboy won because of price and battery life... I wouldn't call Tetris big bright and colourful. The Gameboy advance was the first with a good quality colour screen. UMD and Sonys memory sticks ruined PSP/Vita.

      As Letrico said, the Vita died due to absence of decent AAA ports. The Vita mostly got bad ports OR handheld versions of AAA games. Dark Souls on a handheld, and similar ports, make the Switch the machine that the Vita never was - a true portable handheld console.

        I agree fully that the Switch is a far better “console in your pocket” than the Sony machines ever were.

        The downfall of the PSP/ Vita wasn’t that it didn’t get handheld version of AAA games, it’s that it got handheld versions of the kinds of AAA games that were never going to work well on a handheld.

        It think that principle is still the same even if the Switch is better; and all I’m saying is that a dark, fast and difficult game like Dark Souls is absolutely the best type of game to prove it.

        Do you really want to be trying to beat a DS boss for the first time on the train, in the car, outside or anywhere other than at home with a comply chair, massive screen, AAA controller, lights down and the sound up?

        I’m not saying the game will fail, but I think you’d be better off playing it on just about anything else….

          Respectfully, I disagree with most of what you say. Firstly, I didn't say that the vita didn't receive handheld versions of AAA games (if you'll forgive the double negative :)). I said the opposite - that the vita did get handheld versions of AAA games. You know, the kind that weren't quite as good as the originals, or were actually entirely new versions repackaged under the same AAA label. Honestly, the vita really only received a handful of OK AAA ports, and even then, you're right that the vita didn't feel quite the right place to play them.

          But as for, do I want to beat a DS boss in handheld mode on my switch? Absolutely. Do I want to do it at a bus stop or on a train? No. But I just love using my switch in handheld around the house, on the couch or in bed. I prefer it to docked, especially when a game has lower graphical fidelity on the switch vs. my gaming pc. Playing games in handheld is a different way to experience the game, almost tactile. I bought Wolf2 on switch despite it's low graphical fidelity just so I could play it in handheld, and I'll probably do the same with Dark Souls. I have already played DS in 720p on my 360. Now, I just want grip the joycons and get intimate with a tiny little screen in a dark room while I scream inwardly in frustration.

          Funnily enough, some games do seem to come easier to me in handheld. I was playing Hollow Knight, then swapped over to docked, and immediately started getting my ass handed to me. But anyway, each to their own. Personally, I play on switch for convenience of a portable, even if that convenience is mostly used around the house. I have a gaming pc if I want big screen high fidelity.

            All good, I think we actually agree on the Vita thing we're just coming at it from different angles. I think we both agree that the AAA titles on the Vita just weren't that good.

            Don't get me wrong I'm glad DS is coming to the Switch and I hope lots of people enjoy it.
            I would fear for the well-being of anyone near by if I tried to play it on the train through.

    Dont really get the appeal of ‘playing games on the go’. I play games to relax. Being on the way to work on a train is far from

      When you have to commute 1-2 hours a day to work, you have to find something to do right? I've seen plenty of people playing their 3DS and Vita in tram/train.

      It doesn't even have to be "on the go", but it's handy for being able to play both on TV and in handheld. Play some Dark Souls on the big living room telly, head off to bed and tote in the Switch for a few levels of Picross before bed or whatever. Versatility!

    Kinda weird how both From & Nintendo went quiet qbout this - I’d added two 2’s and guessed it was because of the Nintendo online shenanigans - anyone know/read if you have to be subscribed to use the DS online stuff?

    Does the Solaire Amibo do anything ?

      By tapping this amiibo, the popular “Praise the Sun” gesture can be used with reckless abandon from the start of the game. (The gesture can also be obtained through regular gameplay.)

    It's been 4 months since we were waiting for BANDAI NAMCO and FROM SOFTWARE'S Dark Souls Remastered to get a release date for the Nintendo Switch finally we've got a release date. Dark Souls Remastered for the Nintendo Switch and the Solaire of Astora amiibo is coming out on October 19th. Well that's fair enough I'm pretty sure all you Dark Souls fans are happy that you can finally praise the sun. Well I'm not into playing Dark Souls Remastered for the Nintendo Switch I'm more interested in playing Blizzard's Diablo 3 for the Nintendo Switch when it comes out later this year.
    Thanks for the comment BANDAI NAMCO I'm pretty sure some Dark Souls fans will be happy.

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