Disney Theme Park Designer Imagines Terrific Studio Ghibli Rides

John Ramirez, a Disney artist and theme park designer, has long been working on his own ideas for Studio Ghibli rides. We’ve featured a few of them, but he’s spent the last few years working on a lot more.

In addition to his original Totoro and Laputa designs, Ramirez has also dreamt up this incredible Ponyo ride, which would take patrons on an aquatic tour split across multiple levels:

How much would something like this cost? Who cares! It’s Disney!

Next up is another Totoro ride, though this one is more of a Star Tours-kinda deal, with fans entering a giant Catbus before being treated to a flying adventure on big surround screens:

There’s also a possible third Totoro attraction, a Ghibli take on Disneyland’s Mad Tea Party:

But that’s not all! Ramirez also has some ideas for parades featuring some of Ghibli’s biggest and best movies, including Kiki’s, Porco Rosso and Spirited Away:

Note that none of these are official; despite his job description, Ramirez is doing these as personal ideas, not for actual rides that are in development. But man, if anyone responsible for building stuff at Disneyland (or the actual Studio Ghibli theme park!) is looking for ideas, these are great!


    I always felt that Laputa Castle in the Sky had a really great airship scene that could work well as a theme park experience.

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