EA Donates $1.4 Million To The Families Of The Jacksonville Shooting Victims

EA Donates $1.4 Million To The Families Of The Jacksonville Shooting Victims

Electronic Arts, the publisher of the Madden series of football games, has established a fund for — and made a sizeable donation to — the families of those affected by the tragic shooting at a Madden tournament in Jacksonville on the weekend.

Mass Shooting At Madden Tournament In Florida (Update)

A shooter opened fire today during a Madden NFL 19 tournament at the GLHF Game Bar in Jacksonville, FL. The local news outlet WJXT reports that at least four people are dead, and the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Department is warning people to stay clear of the area.

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The Jacksonville Tribute, as EA calls it, is actually a number of things. First, it’s a fund designed to provide support for the families of victims Taylor Robertson and Eli Clayton (and also “all those affected”), which the company has made a $US1 million ($1.4 million) donation to, and which everyone else will be able to contribute to “very soon”.

It’s also a livestreaming event, which the Madden team will host to bring “the community together”. It’ll be held on September 6, with more details to come.

Here’s the statement in full:


  • This is a senseless tragedy that should never have happened though I am glad they are trying to help.
    it’s clear that these 2 young men meant a lot to a lot of people including many at EA.
    For a company that is quite often portrayed as soulless its nice to know they still have humans in charge.

  • Many will doubtlessly view this quite cynically as either EA girding their loins for an NRA attack or just gaining some free press… but I think it’s an appropriate gesture that should be expected of a good corporate citizen.

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