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Image: Reddit (u/Thepinksheep22)

Unsurprisingly, lots of glass windows are fantastic for showing off video game merch.

Reddit user thepinksheep22 popped up this shot of a new EB Games location at the Stocklands shopping centre in Cairns, Queensland. The move is a temporary one, with the previous location being refurbished to allow for the inclusion of a ZiNG store.

But damn, I kind of wish EB would stay. The spot where they are is in a old jewellers' outlet, meaning it's completely flanked by a lot of glass cases and open air. It means there's a lot less space for large, wide posters, and you can't stick SALE SALE SALE HEY GUYS DID YOU KNOW THERE'S A SALE posters everywhere.

Honestly, given how important Zing merch is to the EB business, this might be a better way to show it off. Think of all the limited editions and collectibles you could show off to people walking past. And isn't it nice to actually see something from the outside that isn't a fire hazard?


    People would smash and grab

      They'd be more likely to do that with expensive jewellery, surely?

        Beat me to it!

        Was going to say, as opposed to all that worthless jewellery that usually sits there fine..?

        Yes, it happened to the jewelers near me, multiple times. Which is why i think the glass display cases would get smashed.

          This is the standard for jewellery stores everywhere. I think it says more about the location of your local one that the layout.
          Also, the blackmarket for jewellery is surely better than the blackmarket for pikachu plushies.

    They've done this in Canberra with the inclusion of Zing/EB into the one store.
    I have to say, the merch is more appealing on display than hidden up behind the counter where you cant get a good look at it

      Which location is this?
      I do love the Belconnen Zing store!! Spent so many shiny dollars in there.

    Yeah, I reckon they would sell a ton more merch if it was displayed this way. People who have never gone into an EB might buy something.

    Sometimes I go to EB and they come up and start trying to “friend sell” me shit by getting too familiar too quickly and it pushes me out of the store. I’m a confident dude, but EB has made me uncomfortable so often somehow. Can’t explain it.

      Way too chatty and comfortable for strangers.

    I love this. You can actually see items you are looking for.

    Usually, these type of stores looks good. But its a pain trying to buy something in those cabinets while its busy.

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