Popular YouTuber Kills Self, Two Others In Fiery Crash [Update]

In a video last year, McSkillet showed off his black McLaren sports car — the same car he drove down the wrong side of the freeway yesterday afternoon local time, killing two people and injuring eight others. (Photo: McSkillet)

Eighteen-year-old YouTuber Trevor Heitmann, AKA “McSkillet”, caused a massive accident yesterday in San Diego, California when he drove down the wrong side of a freeway and his car collided with another vehicle, killing two people and injuring one other. He also died in the crash.

Police confirmed today that Heitmann was the driver involved in the accident. Heitmann’s classmates also identified him to Fox San Diego as the driver who caused the crash.

In a YouTube video late last year, Heitmann had showcased his black McLaren 650s sports car — the same make and model of the car that caused the accident.

Heitmann was known in the gaming world for said YouTube channel, where he went by McSkillet and primarily published videos about CounterStrike: Go. He had over 870,000 subscribers but had not released a video since March of this year.

To press, the San Diego California Highway Patrol said that an 18-year-old had been driving a black McLaren sports car at over 161km/h, which crashed directly into an SUV, killing a 43-year-old woman and her 12-year-old daughter. Six other vehicles were also involved, and two combusted in flames.

Heitmann, who was also heavily involved in the CounterStrike gambling scene, made headlines in 2016 after he posted an April Fool’s joke video that led to major swings on the game’s marketplace.

A few minutes before the crash, local San Diego news outlets reported a black McLaren slamming through the gate of a primary school and nearly hitting some witnesses, although nobody was injured.

Update (10:45AM): This story has been updated with police confirmation that Heitmann was the driver.


    If it is him. What a piece of shit.

      Youtuber or not, he has caused the deaths of innocent people. But yes I agree, what a piece of shit

    If he caused it and died in it? Well deserved. However the deaths of the others who didn't deserve it is a pure tragedy :(

    I think a good question is who controls these super rich young youtubers finances? The fact that a kid that age can go and buy a supercar like that and no one bats an eye is just insane.
    Who knows he maybe just hired it for a video I don't know still seems really irresponsible and a recipe for disaster.

      This is a fair point... where the hell were his parents? He was trading skins and engaging in gambling activities well under the age of 18 which is already illegal, so what were his parents doing? If we're going to dump all over this moron for killing an innocent kid and the parent, maybe we should dump on the people who raised him as well.

        Nah that's a cop out. Can't blame parents for everything. How many of our parents would have had a clue what we were up to if we were making money on YouTube and video game gambling.

        That kid was just a piece of shit, clearly.

          Sure, kids just bring themselves up right? Just cuz your parenting was shit too you think it don't matter?

          Major Lotto wins these days winners are always allocated a financial advice and councillor along with the winnings, due to the recognition most people getting lots of money rapidly destroy their lives, often go bankrupt, and pretty frequently kill themselves. To be honest it is surprising that with the number of YouTubers getting a fair bit of cash, on top of mental health issues of being online and in the public eye, that this type of tragic event hasn't happened more regularly.

        "This is a fair point... where the hell were his parents? "

        Off doing whatever they were doing. He was 18 and legally an adult. He's responsible at that age for his own actions. I'd accept that point of view if he were 11 or 12, but at 18, one is generally *well* aware "Do not kill innocent members of the public".

        Let's not start up the whole blame shifting thing of "the poor murderer, why don't we blame his asshole parents for the horrendous murder he inflicted upon those he hit with his car".

        And yes, murder, as his full intention was to cause harm.

    Was he trying to kill himself or what?

      That would be my guess, considering his actions up to that point

      Sounds like he was trying to take as many people with him as possible. A SERIOUS PIECE OF SHIT!

      Last edited 26/08/18 12:43 pm

    I could not give less of a fuck if an idiot did something stupid and died as a result. The real story here is that a woman and her daughter had to die for an irresponsible little shit's self-indulgent actions. Fuck him.

    Seriously hate this shit, makes me so incredibly angry.

      There's not much to say really is there? It's a special type of coward that has to take others out with them. What a pussy.

      Not really applicable to this circumstance as any vehicle is capable of causing the loss of innocent lives when driven at that speed, but an 18 year old should not be allowed to drive a supercar. Look at any racing formula in the world - the young drivers crash all the time, the older ones hardly ever. Again, it being deliberate, it's a moot point i suppose.

      Damn straight. Beyond that is the problem with media (and audiences) that celebrate, idolize, and adore vacuous **nts that contribute little to nothing to the real world, and instead (in this instance) take from it.

      Last edited 25/08/18 3:46 pm

    So he kills two innocent people for what? I hope he suffered.

    How fucking disgusting, human garbage. taking two innocent lives like that, and a poor girl? how far do you have to be up your own ass to do this? i guess 870k subscribers.

    A quick look shows he was heavy into skin trading with CS:GO and was trade banned by Valve for being part of/owner a trading website.

    And now here we are...

    This coward took the weak option and only magnified it by taking out two other innocent people with him. If you're that low and "beyond help", go out to an empty field and do it there. Don't go ruining other peoples lives just because you can't/aren't willing/won't/don't feel like helping your own.

    Popular? He hasn't uploaded anything in 5 months.

    What a cock. Entitled little you tube narcissist.

    Why couldn't this wanker use a tree, or a cliff instead? It'd be doing us a favour if half of these rich teen 'youtubers' decided to do just that.

      OK, so this guy is a piece of shit that killed innocents, but I think we've got to be really careful when we talk about suicide, and definitely avoid implying an age group or any part of it should commit suicide.

      Am I sad this guy is dead? No. Anyone who kills people accidentally or otherwise by their idiocy is reprehensible, that 2, including a kid, died because of this dickhead is incredibly upsetting. I also think it's dangerous to assume that suicide was his intention without all the facts. I've known a good deal of wonderful people that have had major issues with depression and a few that have attempted suicide. Thankfully they didn't succeed, but reading any sort of blanket statement implying that any group of people should try is rather disturbing.

        You are forgetting he runs a CS GO skin gambling website and his youtube videos promote it and expose children to gambling to widen his pockets.

        Maybe he is in financial pressure having a family and his income is from BS methods that is dying.

        The way I see it is, the person took the easy way out to make money and not by making money honestly and who knows maybe he was taking the easy way out to make money and it no longer is easy and start to cost him then he took the easy way out.

        IF he needed help then saying oh he may have had massive depression, well instead spending all that money on an expensive car and got help. He CHOSE TO NOT get help meaning he had the OPPORTUNITY to get help when others could not when they need it so he is much MORE responsible for what happened no matter the depression or whatever he could be suffering from.

        He gets ZERO sympathy from me.

          No, I'm not forgetting any of that. Like I said, I'm not sad he's dead given his actions lead to the deaths of two other people.

          But if you're arguing that ethically speaking people that profit off of kids deserve to die that's a pretty draconian outlook. He was little more than a kid himself, and while I certainly have a great deal of issues with how he behaved and those aren't all dismissed by his young age I just don't think it's right to ever call for anyone to kill themselves, especially not a whole group or demographic.

          I don't sympathise with him. He doesn't deserve it, but the vast majority of people that commit or attempt suicide do and it's quite disturbing to see people call for anyone else to kill themselves.

          The way I see it is, the person took the easy way out to make money and not by making money honestly and who knows maybe he was taking the easy way out to make money and it no longer is easy and start to cost him then he took the easy way out.
          Finally, addressing the quoted line above, I don't follow what you're trying to say at all (proofreading would have done your comment wonders) but referring to suicide as 'the easy way out' is really damaging to many that suffer from depression. There is nothing easy about it, it's certainly not a way out, and while any and all anger towards mcskillet is deserved I would urge you and anyone else reading this to be a little more careful that your words don't harm or affect anyone that may have issues with depression in your attempt to express your (again, deserved) disgust for mcskillet.

        It seems more likely that he was drunk or high or just attempting some crazy stunt rather than trying to commit suicide. Pity about the innocent people involved no matter what the ultimate cause was.

        It also makes me think about vehicle laws. I know here we've got laws that prevent a young inexperienced driver from driving an overpowered vehicle. I'm guessing they don't have them in the US. They're one of the few laws that impinge upon personal freedom that I really agree with. Restricting a kid so he isn't allowed to drive a supercar at 18 isn't a bad thing. Not that a law may have been enough to stop him anyway...

          I'm not going to assume he was drunk or high, that introduces the ability to just say 'what if he was..' and that leads into all ridiculous areas.

          The fact is he killed himself and took others out with him. He's an evil piece of shit for doing so, I hope he died slowly and painfully, just for that fact alone. I've never wished ill upon those who take their own lives, I have family members who have, but for those who take the lives of the innocent for no reason? Screw them.

          But I agree about the car power aspect. However, that's also circumvented in specific ways. It used to be that 6 Cylinders were 'more powerful' than 4 Cylinder cars generally. Now, we have 4 Cylinders that out perform 6's etc. There was a license restriction in some states I believe on driving 6 cylinders, but the overpowered 4's got around that. I'm not saying to not do anything, but I am saying something definitely should be done.

            Is it worse to assume he's was drunk/high and fucked up that to assume that he maliciously not only committed suicide but effectively murder at the same time? I'm hoping for the best (admittedly it's not a "good" best) that he was just fucked up and caused this tragedy by accident not deliberately.

            I thought the govt had woken up to that and changed the law to factor in performance. But then again, laws change from state to state so it could well be the case in QLD but not other states. They limit it by kw/t in QLD which seems the best idea. Although I'm not sure what vehicles sneak in under that limit.


    Sounds like it was intentional, to take himself out. Selfish b*stard.

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