For A 5-Year-Old, This Kid Seems Good At Dark Souls 3

Screenshot: nYu_desu_yo

High Lord Wolnir can be one of Dark Soul 3's more frustrating enemies. No wonder this five-year-old seems excited to beat him.

Twitter user Nyu posted this clip of his son appearing to defeat the boss.

“Daddy, I did it! Daddy! Daddy! Look! Yay!” Gotta love the kid’s reaction.


    For fear of sounding like my dad, I'm not sure Dark Souls is the type of game a 5 year old should be playing. Just sayin

    A 5 year old playing an MA rated game. Parenting at it's finest.

      Was gonna say something like this. Yes, it's cute and all, but a 5 year old should not be playing Dark Souls.

    Pretty much what everyone here is saying about under-age kids playing games well above the maturity rating, no way I'd let my kids play or even let them watch me play anything involving shooting, fighting etc etc.

    Where this is amazing that a 5 year old beat a boss in Dark Souls 3, super cool that he was able to do it and I don't want to take anything away from this victory.

    High Lord Wolnir however I wouldn't call frustrating, hit the three bracelets and he's dead as a door nail.

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