Fortnite Is Getting A Competitive Mode

Fortnite Is Getting A Competitive Mode

Do you believe yourself to be the very best at surviving in an environment where a) everybody wants to kill you, and b) they’re all reality-bending architecture-mancers? Well, soon you’ll have a chance to prove it. Epic is finally adding a competitive mode to Fortnite this spring.

Epic made the announcement in a state of development post today.

“We are aware of a strong desire from competitive players for more opportunities to compete directly against one another within the same match,” the developer wrote. “Development recently began for a robust competition system which will allow for all players to compete with one another and be recognised for their accomplishments.”

Players are expecting ranked play, but the exact form of the mode is still in flux. It will, however, be informed by Epic’s Bambi-like (if Bambi had millions of dollars to give to Twitch streamers) first steps into Fortnite’s competitive scene. The Summer Skirmish series has proven to be a valuable test bed for competitive formats, Epic explained.

“We have learned a lot from experiments with scoring schemes and formats, attempting to find the best balance between simplicity, entertainment, server performance and competitive integrity,” Epic said. “Expect for us to continue operating and supporting competitive events after the conclusion of Summer Skirmish as we lead into next year’s official Fortnite World Cup.”