Fortnite Player Wins $86,000, Gets Supportive Dad Speech

Image: Epic Games

Fortnite streamer Reverse2k won big in last night's Summer Skirmish, a weekly tournament that Epic is running all season, but the real prize was an emotional call from a dad.

The clip shows it all: Reverse2k is talking to his dad, who opens up the convo with an exclamation of "Eighty six fucking thousand dollars? You're gonna need a fucking tax guy!"

As the player cries out of joy and exhilaration, his dad asks "Are you crying?" followed by "Hey hey! I would too, brother!"

It's an emotional call where a dad is validating his son and if that doesn't get you teary-eyed, I don't know what will.

Reverse2k reached that particular amount of prize winnings due to this week's tournament format, Hold The Throne, which rewarded players for getting the most kills in a game and then staying in that number one position. Reverse2k held onto that throne for dear life and it secured him $US50,000 ($67,558).

Combined with a 5th place ranking that netted $US36,000 ($48,642), Reverse2k came out with a nice chunk of change.

More importantly, he's got a supportive dad who will holler about the responsibility that comes with increased income and the tax burden accompanying it.


    Why would the Dad call his son ‘brother’?

      The same reason Hulk Hogan calls everyone brother, I would assume.

        That's kind of creepy given the relationship hulk hogan has with his kids (daughter).

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