Here’s 30 Minutes With Frozen Synapse 2

Here’s 30 Minutes With Frozen Synapse 2

Been looking to scratch that turn-based tactics itch lately? Frozen Synapse 2 might be your thing.

The sequel to the indie classic from Mode 7 drops next month, making an already-packed August … well, even more packed. The big key with FS2 is that the action takes place in a procedurally generated city, rather than progressing in a linear fashion from level to level like the original.

FS2 has been in the works for a while – it was originally meant to ship in 2016, but it’s been delayed a few times while the British developers worked everything out. There’s an awful lot going on with the inclusion of the city. You can zoom down into any building and any intersection for a deployment, and you’ll need to do this frequently as incursion forces pop up throughout the city.

For fans of the original, it’s worth noting that levels have got a lot more going on. Not everything is procedurally generated – some maps will have preset areas, a little how XCOM 2 mixed handmade maps with random generation, although others will be fully made on-the-fly.

As mentioned in the video, X-COM Apocalypse serves as a main inspiration, which isn’t a bad base to start from. The marketplaces and inspiration for some of the systems has also come over from Frozen Cortex, a game that I deeply loved (but didn’t find quite the same audience as Frozen Synapse).

Frozen Synapse 2, fingers crossed, will be released next month for PC. More info can be found over at the Steam listing.


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