Here’s A Good Teaser For Life Is Strange 2

Here’s A Good Teaser For Life Is Strange 2

Developers Dontnod already hinted at some of the world around Life is Strange 2 earlier this year with the release of The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit. Now, they’ve announced the Life is Strange sequel will drop on August 20 – and the new teaser is rather good.

There’s no direct connection to Captain Spirit in the teaser, which is dashcam footage of an officer responding to a fight in progress. The audio on the police scanner, the framing and voiceover is pretty well done, hinting at the supernatural. There’s also an officer mentioning “306”, although that doesn’t seem to be a regular police code from what I can find.

August 20 is just over a month away. Max’s powers have obviously gotten a tad more explosive It’ll be fun to see how Dontnod build the puzzle and narrative elements around that.

Update: As people noted, Max isn’t likely to be the protagonist (although I won’t say much more, because that’s a huge spoiler for The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit. Go play that if you’re interested: it’s free, and only two hours long.)


  • SPOILER ALERT FOR CAPTAIN SPIRIT (Actually playing it reveals a connection to the teaser)


    The ending to Captain Spirit shows Chris being able to levitate himself and other objects around him. It’s more likely that the powers belong to Chris, not Max

        • Doesn’t confirm that he’ll be the protagonist, though. The whole “Meet Chris again” could go a few ways (cameo appearance, as a sidekick).

          • I just went to find Captain Spirit on the PlayStation store but I couldn’t find it anywhere… What gives? Am I looking in the wrong places? Everywhere seems to say that it’s available for PS4..

          • Oh never mind, it’s a demo and apparently the search function doesn’t search demos.

  • Woo hoo! Having just re-visted Arcadia Bay for a second time (PS3 platty), I’m kinda stoked for this.

  • Colour me intrigued. It will be interesting to see if LiS2 references Max, Chloe and Arcadia Bay given there is a new setting and cast of characters.

    I absolutely LOVED Life is Strange and Before the Storm. I’m looking forward to the LiS comic later in the year. It will be the very last time we’ll ever spend time with Max & Chloe.

  • I bet the link is in the alternate timeline where Chloe has her car crash. And Chris’ mum was the other person in the accident. The mum, did always take art to Blackwell. Either way, Aug 20 is alot sooner than i expected.

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