Here's Vanquish For Under $9

Sometimes you just need a good run-and-gun shooter to cheer you up. Enter stage left, Vanquish.

SEGA brought the sci-fi action romp to PC with a remaster early last year, giving it an unlocked frame rate and support for 4K resolution. The remaster didn't fix up the story, or any other legacy quirks with the game. But if you've got an even semi-decent rig, you can enjoy some classic PlatinumGames' action in a higher res for $8.76 over at

And as an added bonus, you don't have to worry about that weird bug where playing the game at a higher frame rate meant you copped more damage.

Vanquish Adds Beta Fix For Frame Rate Damage Bug

A better frame rate is supposed to make games easier, not harder. So when players discovered enemies were doing more damage at higher frame rates, it was inevitable that the developers would respond.

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Deals on Chrono last for 24 hours a pop, so you'll be able to grab Vanquish at this price until approximately midnight. Head here for more info.

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