How Many Consoles Have You Upgraded Or Bought Twice?

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We all have consoles that, for one reason or another, we absolutely adored. So much so that, in effect, we bought the hardware twice.

The Nintendo DS and Game Boy are good examples. The original versions of both handheld consoles had wonderful libraries, and were fantastic devices in their time.

But there were reasons to upgrade. I didn't need to buy a Nintendo DS Lite, for instance. But some quality of life improvements, however, can't be ignored. And I know many did the same from their DS Lite/DSi to the 3DS - although I never appreciated the 3D element, and held out.

Similarly, there's some consoles that were so good - or so crucial - that we ended up buying twice so the rest of the family could share the experience. The Xbox 360 became a big one in my household. I'd return home from work - I was working midnight shifts at the time - and pop on the 360, fire up the TV in my bedroom and either watch something or play games for an hour before falling asleep.

That experience of being able to watch stuff through the console, and maybe play a game or two - for a family that grew up with lots of different games, Geometry Wars was hypnotic - sealed the deal. We ended up getting a second Xbox 360, which functioned as the family media drive. Thanks, ALDI.

But what consoles have you upgraded (or chosen not to), and what consoles did you love so much that you or your partner/family/relatives bought a second one?


    We all (me and my two brothers) ended up with a playstation each back in the day as they got cheaper, were sharing before that.

    Since i’ve become a growed up, I owned 3 360’s (first broke out of warranty, other upgrade was for the elite/2nd room)

    Had to replace my original PSP (first one screen broke) which annoyed as the later versions didn’t feel anywhere near as premium.

    Had 3 3DS, the original, an XL & a new XL when the original XL broke.

    Upgraded PS4 to pro because my start/eject buttons were really dodgy & i got a good deal.

    Currently rocking 2 xbox one x’s; one as my main game machine via trade of the original one, other as an ultra HD player/2nd room I got as a gift.

    Got to be honest, if the switch revision has a better battery/joycon layout i’ll likely uograde it too - although a large part of that is a sporadically occuring issue i have where it makes weird mechanical whirring/grinding noises i’m trying to fix (& EB were next to useless with when asked)

      I would think about trading in my switch for an enhanced version as well. More comfortable joycons and a slightly larger screen would be very nice.

    * First got the original (yellow model) as a gift.
    * Bought the Gameboy Colour (cos colour!)
    * Later bought the Advanced
    * Then the Advanced SP (finally, a backlight!)

    DS and 3DS
    * Bought the original.
    * Got the DS Lite (Lite had a better screen).
    * Got a Aus 3DS
    * Got a US 3DS (cos **** region locking!)
    * Got the (Majora's Mask) 3DS (finally, stereoscopic 3D that doesn't cause eye damage).

    XBox 360
    * Who hasn't due to the hardware failure rate?
    * Originally had a Black Elite.
    * Got the Red RE5 edition (it was cheaper to trade in the broken Black one rather than repair it).
    * Got a 360 E (I'm a sucker for blue consoles).

    Playstation 4
    * Got the original, white PS4.
    * Got the white Pro model (more for longevity than its VR potential)

      Weird thing, nobody I know IRL had an X360 fail. Mine is still going strong even today. Maybe we were all just lucky.

        I fall in between. The hardware didn't fail per se, the optical drive just became as laud as an angle grinder and Microsoft wanted more than half the price to look at and fix the console.

        Hence I traded it in for the RE5 (red) edition.

        It still works, I just got the E as a treat for myself down the line.

    I bought a replacement 360 when my first one red ringed the second time then later upgraded to a 360S. I have two Xbox Ones onecause my wife and I used to play Destiny together, and I don’t know if it counts as a direct upgrade but I had a DS phat and later got a 3DSXL.

    I hardly use my ps4 so upgrading to pro doesn’t make sense for me. I’m also probably not going to get the Xbox One upgrade whatever it’s called because I simply don’t need to, the next gen is probably only a couple of years away and I don’t have a 4K tv.

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    I've owned an original Nintendo DS, two DS Lites, an original 3DS and currently use a 3DS XL. I wouldn't mind adding a New 2DS XL with capture card into the mix (or really any 3DS/2DS with a capture card).

    Had a few Xbox 360s too.

    It's kind of cheating as my wife and I combined our console collections when we moved in together. So we basically had two of everything from last generation plus whatever extras I had.

    I own a SNES, a PS2 and an X360. A long time ago I had a Gameboy. So I guess the answer is none, for me.


      Just kidding. I applaud your retro taste. But you DO have a PC right?

        Oh yeah. I'm pretty much exclusively a PC gamer, I have a 7700K/1080Ti combo at the moment.

          That's a sweet combo. I have an old i7-4960x and a gtx 1080. It's mainly used for editing but it does nice on the games too.

          But I'm 95% a console gamer now. I work on the PC so I need to get away from it to relax. Don't cry for me, I always knew this would happen one day. It's actually a good thing. But funny to finally have a PC the younger me would kill for to never use it for games.

    I don't know that It was ever about "adoring" the system for me. Always about widening access to games or getting extra capabilities on hardware i was using a lot.

    * PS2 - I "upgraded" it with a modchip so I could play US imports :P

    * Xbox - Disc drive failed on my launch system (common problem). Replaced it, old system left at a friend's place and got turned into an XBMC device at some point I think.

    * 360 - First system Red Ringed (ironically while playing Too Human so I think it was in protest) and was refurbed. I bought a second Japanese system so I could access Asia release games, primarily for Tales of Vesperia because Namco were being silly about the PAL release. Subsequently upgraded the original AU system to the S model, primarily for the HDMI support

    * 3DS - I own two, one European Region, one US Region, because Nintendo were butts and region locked it. Started out with US for Fire Emblem which came out significantly earlier there, but they underestimated demand and I never managed to get it, gave up and got a EU system when FE came out in Australia.

    * PS4 - I got one right after launch, and then eventually replaced it with the Pro, which in retrospect was a terrible decision since the Pro is hotter, noisier, less reliable and my primary reason for having it was for PSVR, which turned out to be a bad reason.

    Does Sega MD2 to Sega CD2 count?

    PS2 to PS2 slim.
    PS4 to PS4 Pro.

    Don't think I've ever upgraded a console. Closest would be having both an original Gameboy and a first gen DS, which technically was an upgrade given it could play DS games. As they still work, theres never been a reason to replace them.

    My house has two separate gaming setups (one each for me and husband). I have a Switch, XBox One X (upgraded from the original XBox One) and PS4 (inherited from my husband when he bought a PS4 Pro). Husband has a XBox One X (also upgraded from an XBox One) and PS4 Pro. We also have two Xbox 360s kicking around the house, plus a PS3, WiiU and a Wii. The only reason we don't have two PS3s is because we gave one to a friend. I've got an original DS, a DSi and a 3DS as well.

    So basically - we like consoles and don't like to share.

      Makes sense, multiplayer is hard otherwise.

      And game cost would be low, buy digitally and set your partners console to be your 'home console', wallah, two copies of each game.

    Eh, I'm somewhat of a fiend.

    Bought two PS3's - one PAL 60GB backward compat, one NTSC 60GB backward compat. The NTSC is running CFW.

    Three X360's, one was stolen (had already RROD so haha), an Elite, and a 4GB XOne fascade thats now CFW w/ 2TB SSHD.

    Three PS4's - OG, PS4 Pro, PS4 Pro on low firmware for CFW duties.

    Four X1's - Normal second hand, Elite, X1-S, X1-X

    Two Switches - One normal, one stashed in cupboard for CFW.

    Three Vita's - One OLED, two slim's searching for CFW.

    Two N3DS XL - Because gold Zelda cover...

    Being fair with the above, most double ups have been sold.

    And also an array of early console hardware, a SCPH-5903 VCD Playstation? Check. A SCPH-39002 PS2 NTSC w/ 2TB SSHD for Resident Evil Outbreak? Check. Dreamcast? Check. Plans on a 1400mhz, 128MB Xbox in the future? You bet ya. Wii U? Maybe, Debating that one.

      Ah, someone after my own heart. I bought several Vitas just because I knew they would wear out and wanted to make sure that I could have Vita goodness for many years to come.

      Traded in my PS4 for a Pro, and have a few PS3s (mostly for parts), but other than the Vitas I don't have multiples, although I do have a 2DS and a 3DS XL, which I guess you could say are virtually the same thing.

        The Vita situation makes me very scared. I only have one, and it's gotten very hard to get new ones now. My current one works fine but what happens if I want to go back to it in a few years?

    I bought a second PS3 but not through choice. My original 'fat' PS3 got the YLOD.

    Wow, seriously? I've never replaced any console ever. I've ended up with extra wii's, 360's, 3DS's and an N64 because of various reasons, but whenever I'm playing a game it's always on the original hardware. Still use em all regularly too

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    PS Vita:
    - Bought one because it looked awesome.
    - Sold because the lack of games.
    - Bought again because P4 Golden, and it looked awesome.
    - Sold because the lack of games.

    - Bought because i wanted to play pokemon.
    - Sold for some extra cash to buy a PS4.
    - Bought because i wanted to play the next pokemon game.
    - Sold because it wasnt getting much use after finishing the game.

    Xbox One:
    - Bought to play games with brother.
    - Bought Xbox One X because Xbox one just didnt cut it. and QoL improvements.

    PS3 (original "fat" version) - first one died from heat/over-use....

    PS4 - got the Destiny "white" version, then the PS4 Pro so I didn't have to share with the kids :)

    XBOX1- 1TB plus the minecraft theme'd one (for the bedroom so we can watch Netflix etc)

    I'm single console ecosystem kind of guy.

    Had 5 X360's.
    1. RROD
    2. Stolen & replaced on insurnace
    3. Stolen again & replaced on insurance (inner north melbourne, yeesh!)
    4. RROD again
    5. Xbox 360 Elite, happy days.

    Launch day PS4 traded for a launch day Pro.

    2 SNES - 1 in the 90's which I sold and another one in 2012 and recently a mini SNES
    2 3DO's one when it came out and one about 10 years ago
    2 PS 1's one when it came out and one from Cashies a few years ago- came with a G-con and some video adaptor.
    2 PS 2's one when it came out and another when I wore the first one out. Still have that.

    Only ever had 1 PS3, 1 PS4, 1 3DS XL and 1 Nintedo 64 which I still all have aswell.

    I have two main TVs so I usually end up with a console for each, and if I play it a lot I'll usually end up with an upgraded version. I think the XBOX 360 is the record holder. My original had the RRoD so I brought another while it was being fixed. I wanted the bigger HDD from it so I kept that and gave the console to a friend. My original started getting a bit sketchy so I brought another one. Eventually the disc tray stopped working on that one so I brought another. Then I think the MW2 edition came out so I grabbed that. One more after that. Then when I brought my apartment a friend wanted to play Left 4 Dead so I got one of the new hardware ones.

    I had original PS4 then sold that and upgraded to Pro and then sold that as fan was getting heaps loud and got a new one! Feels weird to keep buying the same console. Resisted getting 3DS after my original DSi. Hopefully the Switch negates any need for me to get one, though that classic SNES one looks sweeet

    PS4, but not for good reasons.

    Get a preowned PS4. It has been hardbanned from the PS Store for some reason.
    Get a second preowned PS4. It's a Chinese made one with a known defect that causes terrible controller latency. Unplayable.
    Get a third preowned PS4. It works fine! Until it gave up. Turned on for a second, turned off, wouldn't turn back on until plugged into another socket, where it would turn off after a second.
    Get a fourth preowned PS4. Works like a glove... except it is as loud as a windtunnel. Returned it out of fear of melting games or something.
    Get a fifth preowned PS4. No problems so far, and it's survived a near 100% run of God of War, so I think we're good.

    I mean if it were up to me we woulda just got a fresh new one, but it all worked out in the end.

      Yeah, after the second failure I would have gone with a new one. Having a warranty on a console is awesome. After all, the consoles are manufactured with a known failure rate of just under 1 percent. If you are the unlucky 1-in-100 then that warranty will save you some money.

    GBA to GBA-SP - Because it was more portable and had a backlight.

    DS to DS Lite - Way better design...I think that was all. (Then went to a 3DS)

    PS4 to PS4 Pro - Needed to upgrade the hard drive and get a new controller, so for a little extra I traded in for a Pro. Great to have the additional power for flat screen and PSVR games.

      I upgraded to Pro because my PS4 had been replaced under warranty once and was coming up to the end of the replacement's warranty. EB Games also does pretty good deals on console trade-ins when a new console comes out.

        I did the EB deal too, I think it was something along the lines of trade in your PS4 and get the Pro for $200. That's basically what I would have paid for a new controller and hard drive. Was too hard to resist lol

          Same. I didn't need it but I saw the deal and thought "That's actually really good value!"

          Traded my ps4 in day one of pro release, got the last one in the shop. It's been good to me, except for having to open the window behind it or the fan goes to crazy levels.

    1x base PS2 + 1x modded.
    xbox360 had to be replaced once.
    3DS upgraded to 3DSXL.
    PS3 upgraded to PS3 slim.
    PS4 replaced with PS4 Pro.
    XBone replaced with XboneS. Probably won't get the X, though.
    2x Switches, but that's a 'his and hers' deal.

    I had a 3DS XL that I upgraded to a NEW 3DS XL when Monster Hunter generations came out and had a special console.

    Other then that I've almost always stuck with the original one I got.

    I had to rebuy a PS2 a few years after selling my original one to buy an X-Box (a console I enjoyed so little it stopped my gaming for a few years).

    The only console I upgraded was the 360, I upgraded to the slim with a Kinect included (between dance central, fruit ninja and Kinnect Sports, I put 100s of hours into my Kinect and the upgrade was worth every cent).

    DS to DSlite (because it was just nicer to play than the original brick)

    PS3 to PS3 slim (because of ylod)

    3DS to New 3DSXL (because of extra grunt, bigger screen, shoulder buttons and C stick)

    PS4 to PS4pro (I don't have a 4K tv but wanted the best psvr experience I could get with the extra console grunt)

    If I think the upgrade is worth it for games then I'll do it

    I ended up buying 2 PS2s. My original PAL one and then an NTSC-J one (this was when modding was illegal in Australia and it was cheaper to import a Hong Kong PS2 than it was to mod one).

    For similar reasons I have 2 Saturns as well— an Asian Saturn that (somehow) plays both Japanese and US games without being modded in any obvious way, and a US one that... only plays US games.

    We also went through three Xbox 360s because of the RRoD. The second one we got was one of the ones Microsoft modified so that if it failed, it wouldn't produce an RRoD, thus meaning it technically didn't fall under their replacement program. We got one of the S models after that and it ran fine.

    I also upgraded from a DS to a DSLite, but that was the last Nintendo handheld I owned prior to the Switch.

    As for current get, we have both Pro and Amateur versions of the PS4 and XBone.

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