In Case You Were Wondering How Big Gamescom Is

Image: Twitter (@epiccog)

Sometimes, words aren't the best avenue for highlighting the scale of something.

Gamescom is a good example. The show had 350,000 visitors through the door last year - that's more than everyone living in the Northern Territory, and not far off the entire population of the ACT.

But not all of those people congregate at once. Gamescom, after all, runs for nearly a week. But as Epic discovered at their Fortnite booth, even on a quiet day, the Gamescom crowd is enormous.

It's like an AFL/NRL crowd, exclusively for Fortnite. And it's not even Friday or Saturday yet, the days most frequented by regular punters. Good grief.

The author travelled to Gamescom as a guest of Nvidia.


    I was interested to read earlier this year that gamescom is actually bigger than E3, in terms of attendees, floor space, etc. It's the second biggest event of it's type, with the biggest actually being some Asia-based one I've never heard of.

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