Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, Hands-On

We played Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, and it’s about as punishing as you would expect from the developers of Dark Souls. But it may be take some unlearning for long-term Souls players.

In the video above, I break down the vertical slice of the game I got to play and explain exactly how the game works against a lot of the muscle memory drilled into you by Bloodborne and Souls games.

I also get repeatedly piledrived by a huge monster. Enjoy.

And in case you missed it, here’s our round table our show Viewpoints did on Bloodborne vs. Dark Souls.


  • As an avid Tenchu player I am going to have no problems getting my head around the movement and combat in this game. Well, I am going to miss my poison rice balls the single-most OP tool in those games. This looks like it might finally be what I hoped Bloodborne was going to be like.

  • Ok look this is getting serious, there is now literally not enough time to play all these new games and my current backlog. If they were mostly awful it would be fine, but this constant stream of games I know I’m going to love is very shortly going to cause me problems.

    • I could retire today, and it wouldn’t give me enough time. Combined with a partner and thoughts about one day having kids, and there’s just… not enough time. At all. Ever.

      It’s pretty sad.

      • Fully relate. Before moving to Melbourne, I lived in a city where the public library was 1 hour commute away from home so I very rarely bothered. After moving, I was living within a block of a really good library and I became an avid patron.

        However the immense joy of such convenient access to virtually any book I ever desired to read was short-lived: once, while trying to decide which book to borrow next, it hit me. I could do nothing but read every single minute for the rest of a very long life, and I’d still not be able to read all these books… and in the meantime, several thousands more books would be written. Same with videogames, movies, TV, music…

        That was in my late 20s and it was the very first time I fully understood the weight of my mortality. It was almost crippling and I remained bummed out for like a month. Hell, I think I’m still dealing with some of it, years after.

  • I want to be more excited about this because I’m a total souls nut. But why samurai when nioh dropped last year?
    Also wary of too much direction away from the core souls elements.

    • It sounds like From also have a more traditional souls game in the works. I’m excited for something different given I prefer BB to the mainline darksouls series. Agree about the premise, but it looks like they’re nailing it at least.

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