Here's Ultima 7's Lord British Hiding In A Secret 'Cheat' Room

Image: Medieval Nerd / Twitter

Released back in 1992, Ultima VII: The Black Gate from Origin Systems was an RPG masterpiece. Featuring Richard Garriott's Lord British and the ever-wholesome Avatar (literally the player's avatar) you could spend hours doing what you liked, from exploring the edges of Britannia to baking your body weight in bread. I can't say I'm shocked it took almost three decades to find yet another of the game's secrets — a room containing a rather angry British.

Update: Turns out the room's been known for a while! Here are more details, courtesy of Dominus on the Exult forums:

One day a QA guy came up to him and told him that a tester found something and Richard needed to see it. They had found the Trinsic cheat room and Richard didn't know about it and got a bit upset. But he didn't know who made that huge easter egg.

They then searched the egg that lead to the room and changed it to point at the anti-cheater room. So the next time the developer who added the Trinsic cheat room was using the teleporter egg, he was in for a bad surprise.

Original post follows.

According to a tweet by Medieval Nerd, it was added as a "cheat room" by one of the developers. However, Richard Garriott discovered it, and decided to add a little surprise.

Once inside the room, British cries "Busted!" and proceeds to unload on the player, declaring him a "thieving scoundrel bastard".

After throwing a few more insults, British fires off a few lightning bolts, killing the player (this doesn't happen in the above clip, as the recorder seems to be invulnerable).

As an aside — that Twitter thread goes on to talk about the many ways Lord British can be killed in-game and includes comments from Garriott himself. There are some intentional ways to go about it, but a couple — like giving him poisoned bread — were "accidental/oversights!".

Medieval Nerd [Twitter]


    "theiving scoundrel bastard" - that's tops! I have the GOG version of this currently and still return to it to theive. Fill up my inventory, then a crate, then into a barrell which is on my ship. Love this game it was the first game I used our new sound blaster on.

    Moral of the story. Don't f**k with Lord British.

      He's still pissed that he got assassinated in ultima online

    No comments. Noone cares anymore about lord british or ultima

    This is still one of my favorite games of all time.

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