Japanese Porn’s Most Infamous Vehicle 

Japanese Porn’s Most Infamous Vehicle 

In Japan, there one vehicle that if you see it rocking on the Tokyo streets, you should definitely not going a-knocking.

Run by a Japanese porn company, it’s called Magic Mirror Unit (マジックミラー号 or Majikku Miraa Gou).

Japanese television once explained what it was: A mobile porn studio with a one-way mirror.

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People inside the vehicle can see out, but people outside cannot see in.

(I believe current Japanese privacy laws would prevent the faces of any pedestrians from ending up in the movie.)

The infamous vehicle has become part of Japanese urban lore, with people snapping photos when they spot it — or think they have. The Magic Mirror Unit might be stopped for promotional events as well as other reasons.

There is an official Magic Mirror Unit 1/12 scale model.

And the inevitable Woody photo set.

Fans have brought the Magic Mirror to Animal Crossing.

Yesterday, a slew of cosplayers descended on Comic Market, Japan’s biggest self-published manga event. Putting in an appearance was the official Magic Mirror Unit cosplayer.

I wonder what’s happening on the other side of that mirror…

That cosplayer is going to need a bigger outfit, because the porn company is working on a magic mirror bus.


  • TL:DR to this truck is that a Japenese porn star happens to walk past the truck with a fake “boyfriend” or “husband”. The girl gets invited in for a massage which for some reasons the boyfriend allows, Even though its a guy and a camera crew filming the whole thing. And then the rest is obvious.

    Having seen some of the videos filmed in these trucks its hilarious watching the “Boyfriend” wandering outside and pretending to try to see in. Even though it would be pretty obvious what is going on inside and you would more than likely hear it.

    Fake reality Pr0n can be hilarious sometimes.

  • In all seriousness, is this really appropriate for Kotaku AU? How is this related to gaming? I’m getting tired of these kind of articles from Bashcraft.

    • Kotaku is about gaming and gaming culture. That includes stuff from Japan.

      Why you gotta be a downer? This is a lighthearted article about Japanese culture. Instead, you gotta be “BAH HUMBUG! ALL STORIES MUST BE ABOUT GAMES!”

      Lighten up 🙂

      • Indeed, its fun, humorous and light hearted, especially compared to the flame bait that we get from the US side which shovels in politics to games.

      • I kinda agree with @terrywrist, do we really want to start putting porn articles in a gaming site? Are we gonna see some Bangbus or pornhub articles? I know the average age of a person reading this site is probably over 18, but there *are* still kids reading it. No problems with them on Lifehacker but not Kotaku.

        That said, I find the name of the company hilarious “Soft on demand” really strikes the wrong chord for a porn name.

        • @terrywrist @skrybe Ummm.. you do realise this isnt exactly the first pr0n or nsfw stuff in kotaku right? Mr Bashcroft has posted a lot of this stuff before (i get the feeling SoD is bribing him on the side! J/k)… and not just that weve had reviews articles on eroge and whatnot as well

          • And I don’t think it’s appropriate unless it’s specifically game related. And even then I’d say it’s a bit iffy.

    • It’s entirely inappropriate to show us a porn article without actually having any porn links in it. For shame, Brian!

  • In Japan, there one vehicle that if you see it rocking on the Tokyo streets, you should definitely not going a-knocking.

    Sorry man, if I knew a van had a good looking, naked woman inside it doing things that as a hot blooded male I would definitely be interested in part-taking in, why WOULDN’T I knock?

    Stupid opening paragraph of an otherwise great article

    • I’m not sure “if you see this sex-van rocking, then go a-knocking” would be appropriate, considering a large number of Kotaku’s fanbase are almost certainly minors.

    • You missed some key variables, let me fix it:

      “Sorry man, if I knew a van had a good looking (to me), naked woman inside it doing things that as a hot blooded (straight, single, okay with doing sexual things with a complete stranger, and being filmed doing it, with an acceptable body) male I would definitely be interested in partaking in, why WOULDN’T I knock (in this very specific and unlikely set of circumstances)?

      • I dont need you to add “variables” to a sentence I was writing about my own POV. I am not sure why you felt the need to tell me how to write my own comment.

        I realise doing stuff like this is common on Kotaku, but like others tell me “move along if you dont like the comment”

        • It’s not about not liking it. It’s about it being incomplete/incorrect. Obviously you have trouble with the intricacies of the English language, because saying ‘as a hot blooded male’ implies that those things can be universally applied to any ‘hot blooded male’ regardless of the additional parameters I included, which is of course, absurdly wrong. Obviously it is initially implied by default that anyone ‘good looking’ would have to be your type of good looking, but the aforementioned mistake within the same sentence casts it in, again, a universal light, which is of course, again, absurd. It would appear that you are, in fact, sorely in need of being told how to write your own comment.

          • My comment was written in my perspective – hence the use of the word “I”

            Now again, move along. I dont need your lesson in how to write down my own thoughts.

  • You have to wonder how good of an experience it really is with a label like “Soft on Demand”.

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