Japan's Most Famous Cosplayer Draws A Huge Crowd

Image: Dayone, Twitter

This is Enako. As Kotaku previously reported, she’s making some serious cash as a cosplayer. She’s also drawing massive crowds.

Top Japanese Cosplayer Is Making A Lot Of Money

Since around 2012, Enako has been a popular cosplayer, but in the past few years, her popularity has exploded. Last night, she appeared on Downtown DX, one of Japan's most popular variety talk shows, and astonished all with her sizeable salary.

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Enako appears on mainstream Japanese television (here and here, for example) as well as in-game advertisements (below). She is making a name for herself as Japan’s most well-known cosplayer.

During this year’s Comiket, she participated in a photoshoot for fans. However, since she’s so popular, Enako held a big photo scrum, encircling herself with photographers.

That meant photos like this were possible if you zoomed in.

But if you zoomed out...


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