King K. Rool Will Be In Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

After years upon years of begging, Smash fans will finally see Donkey Kong Country’s King K. Rool in Smash Ultimate, released December 7.

The king of the kremlings will be large and in charge in Smash Ultimate. In every fan poll of most-wanted Smash fighters, he’s been one of the most requested for years.

We don’t yet know his moveset, unfortunately, but we do know he’s really, finally, there and ... wants Donkey Kong’s bananas.

Now that we have Ridley from Metroid and King K. Rool, it’s time for Smash Ultimate to be brave and add another much-loved, and woefully overlooked Nintendo hero: Waluiji. Do it, cowards!


    I posted on a fan forum about what K.Rool's moveset might be like and it's like they read my mind. Looks really fun from the boxing gloves to the cannon and throwing his crown. Super happy about his inclusion because I've been wanting him in the game since Melee. It would've been awesome if some of his alternate outfits included the pirate costume and the mad scientist one from DKC3 or his boxing outfit from DK64.

    wish he had his pirate jacket, but I'll settle for the tricorne and blunderbuss.

    Oh my fucking god are you kidding me? I'm actually excited for King K. Rool appearing in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. I recently played all three Donkey Kong Country games since I was a kid but I definitely did have trouble trying to defeat King K. Rool and I couldn't even complete Donkey Kong 64 but now I'm happy that King K. Rool is going to be added as new fighter.
    I definitely can't wait to play as King. K. Rool and due to the fact that we're going to get some more fighters soon I hope they add Kritter as a new fighter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate because I would really like to play as Kritter in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

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