Lil Yachty Responds To His Fortnite Haters: 'I'm A Millionaire'

Lil Yachty isn’t the most conventional rapper, but he can rap. Of this there is no doubt. Can the 20-year-old star play Fortnite, though? Not well, say his Twitch followers. Not well.

The boat-est of all time has been heavily involved with Fortnite this year, playing with Myth at Epic’s E3-adjacent Fortnite Pro-Am, teaming up with other streamers like Ninja, and collaborating with fellow rappers Ski Mask the Slump God and Yung Bans on a song that revolved around Fortnite music and visuals.

In a recent return stream after being away from Twitch for months, however, his gameplay was not exactly on par with the rest of his game.

It didn’t take long for his Twitch chat to start giving him shit.

“Lmao, you’re trash,” said one viewer after a particularly sudden death.

“Lemme carry u,” wrote another.

In response, Yachty said he didn’t care because, well, he’s rich.

“I do suck,” he said. “I don’t care. I am a millionaire. Fuck what you talking about. I don’t give a fuck. Let me suck. My house big as shit. I got six cars. Fuck y’all.”

Then he jokingly told viewers to suck his nuts six consecutive times. A handful of seconds later, he signed off, noting that he had to go to Toronto the next day. He seemed to be in decent spirits, though, and added that he’ll stream again soon.

Now, is it reasonable for people to expect a professional rapper (or professional anything-other-than-gamer) to pile up battle royale wins like a pro? Of course not. But Twitch is hyper-saturated with improbably high-skill Fortnite players, so if somebody’s even average at the game, they’re “trash” in the eyes of viewers.

Yachty, though, is a rapper who came up in community-oriented spaces like Soundcloud, so chilling out with fans on Twitch is a pretty natural extension of what he’s about. He also spent portions of his stream listening to music viewers suggested and evaluating it—even if that sometimes meant dismissively shutting it off.

As for his Fortnite skills, well, there’s always time to improve.

“Even tho you arse at video games we still support yo arse,” said one of his viewers.


    Id rather watch a average player than a Ninja any day of the week.

    "I don't care" - obvs cares
    "I'm a millionaire" - well yeah...still suck at fortnite tho - but there's absolutely nothing wrong or embarrassing about that! own it you fool!

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