Monster Hunter: World NPCs, Ranked

I admire this guy's commitment to sitting around and eating.

In addition to all those deadly beasts, Monster Hunter: World has loads of colourful non-monster characters. You'll find them walking in the wild or chilling out at HQ, usually minding their business and occasionally giving you a sidequest.

We've ranked the monsters, so now let's rank the rest. Here are 51 of Monster Hunter: World's NPCs, ranked from worst to best.

51. Lynian Researcher

50. Research Hunter

49. Occupied Fiver

48. Argosy Captain

47. Arena Lass

46. Easygoing Fiver

45. Gentle Fourth

44. Timid Fiver

Settle down buddy, you're all over the place.

43. Eager Fourth

42. Hotblooded Fourth

41. Feisty Fiver

40. Forceful Fiver

39. Analytics Director

38. Commander

37. Squad Manager

36. Serious Handler

35. Chief Botanist

"Sisterly" how, exactly?

34. Sisterly Fourth

33. Feeder Felyne

32. Provisions Stockpile

31. Tech Chief

30. Hub Provisions

29. Housekeeper

28. Airship Engineer

27. Field Team Leader

26. Laid-Back Botanist

25. Smart Biologist

It's nice that you have Anja armour and everything but calling yourself "Cool Fiver" doesn't necessarily make you cool.

24. Cool Fiver

23. Engaged Fiver

22. Piscine Researcher

21. Chief Ecologist

20. Third Fleet Provisions

19. Excitable A-Lister

18. Hopeful Felyne

17. Second Fleet Master

16. Impatient Biologist

15. Cheerful Scholar

14. Fun Fourth

13. The Huntsman

12. Third Fleet Master

11. Hub Lass

I appreciate what you do.

10. Oven Felyne

9. Endemic Life Researcher

8. The Tracker

7. Elder Melder

6. Provisions Manager

5. Fish Aficionado

4. Meowscular Chef

3. Fiver Bro

2. Apple Enthusiast

1. Soup Felyne

Everything about you is good, including how the music changes when you stir your pot.


    The MC's handler needs to be pushed out into traffic.

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