Nerf Is Releasing Overwatch Guns

Blizzard and Nerf are going to release a couple of guns based on Overwatch, one being Reaper’s shotgun, the other D.Va’s pistol.

They’re part of Nerf’s “Rivals” line, which is basically a series of guns made and marketed specifically at adults, and which fire small round projectiles (like squishy musketballs) instead of the traditional Nerf bullets.

Reaper’s shotgun will hold eight rounds and fire them at 27.43m per second, while D.Va’s will hold three and shoot at 24.38m per second.

Given D.Va’s catchphrase literally includes the word “nerf”, it’s insane it’s taken both companies this long to get something like this out there.

Both will be out next year, but there’s no word on price.


    I doubt we will get them over here

      We are at least getting dedicated kimchi fridges.

      Considering we've never seen the base Rivals guns released down here, I think this is a fair assumption.

        The reason for the lack of Rival series was because they shoot projectiles at a higher velocity than the stock dart blasters. It’s still ridiculous, though. I had to bring my Zeus back with me from the US. Would love a Kronos. Just importing mod springs and steel triggers saw them intercepted and opened by customs.

        The Overwatch series will probably make it here but are likely to be more available in specialty stores like Zing.

          were they just opened or confiscated?

            Just opened and inspected. Was the triggers. The next batch of springs didn’t get stopped.

            No real reason to confiscate. Wierdly the law here is only against the sale of them, not importation.

          Its crazy because we have Kinder Surprise eggs here. Hardly any shooting spree's.

      I'll get my hands on the D.Va Bunnyblaster one way or another

    Nerf guns got banned at our office due to An Incident :(

      Same. Didn’t even hit him in the eye.

    I'm going to assume Reaper's shotguns don't reload.

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