Nintendo Switch Online Arrives In The 'Second Half Of September'

Image: Kotaku / Alex Walker

A small update for you all: Nintendo has narrowed the window for when their online service will launch later this year, although we're still hanging out for an exact date.

The company announced via Twitter that the Switch's paid online service would launch in the second half of September. Previously, Nintendo had announced that the service would be available in September - so today's tidbit pins day zero to the last fortnight of the month, if nothing else.

Nintendo's online FAQ hasn't been updated to include the slightly-amended date, and at the time of writing there's no new details added there either. We'll keep you posted, though.

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    I'm a likely day one subscriber but the fact that we don't know when exactly day one is and still don't have a whole lot of detail is a bit perplexing.

      Not sure the urgency to come out with such a vague announcement either. If it's a matter of waiting a week or two just to get the date locked down I would have waited!

        I agree. I can only assume that since they just had a Direct, Nintendo felt they needed to say something. However, by saying something so vague, they've just drawn even more attention to the fact they haven't really said anything at all! Whilst we were given some information not too long ago, by now we should really know everything.

        I'm guessing it'll be a staggered release across different regions, so it'll have a different launch date depending on where you live. That's why they are being vague at the moment.

          Certainly a possibility, I'd love clarification Nintendo! :p

    Love the hardware and the games, but this online system has been a complete shambles since day dot. It just can't be a good thing that we know so little of it after all this time.

    Also, i miss miiverse and the UI of the wii u eshop.

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