No Thanks, Nintendo

Nintendo is releasing this limited edition controller alongside Super Smash Bros. Ultimate at the end of the year.

It’s out on December 7, and while there’s no word on price, you can’t imagine it being any different to regular Pro Controllers.

As for the design, well ... this is the least Nintendo could have possibly done with the idea. I’ve never been a fan of Smash’s logo, so sticking it over the whole face in a monochrome scheme just isn’t doing it for me. This is Smash Bros.! Surely there was something more colourful and/or interesting to use than this.

The controller will be available separately, or as part of a limited edition steelbook version of the game.


    Except the limited edition controllers are different and have the revised hardware in the d-pad that actually makes them usable unlike the standard ones which were all largely defective and suffered from input problems due to a defect in the bars. You can Google this and find numerous complaints about this problem. The Xenoblade Chronicles 2 controller was the first to revise it and this controller is another guaranteed revision which I'll be getting because I missed out on the Xenoblade controller. You have Google. Try using it before you write misleading articles about the hardware.

      You're bashing the author on the defence that Nintendo massively cocked up their standard controllers, requiring you to buy a new one at your own expense? That should warrant more criticism, not less. Happily throwing more money at a company to re-buy a product you already bought, simply because they didn't design it right the first time, is consumerism at its worst, my dude.

        Yuppppppp. If Nintendo cocks up their controllers, don't reward them for buying two of them. Also, that design is bland. Sure, it's the Smash logo, but for a controller that stands out because of the translucent nature, this just detracts from it completely. Redo the whole thing in white and have just strips of translucent for the Smash logo or something.

          What about about a controller where the Smash Bros. logo is on fire and sears a logo into the palm of your hand when you try to play it, Key-to-the-Ark-of-the-Covenant styles?

          This idea is copyright me 2018.

        No, I'm bashing the author for not reporting the changes and the overall problems with the controller. Are you that hard of reading comprehension?

          Why is any of it relevant to the article at all? It's not a review of the quality of the controllers, it's an announcement of a special edition with some commentary on the (lacking) cosmetic design.

            It becomes relevant when the author writes an article stating that the controller is that same as all of other controllers when it's clearly not and false information. The article is misleading because he made a poorly researched statement. This controller is not the same as the standard Pro controller because of the revision and that should be mentioned. It's revised hardware and it's the difference between part of your of $100 controller working or not working it should get a mention in the article in addition to "OH THE LOGO DOESN'T LOOK PRETTY". So yes, it is relevant, because if he's going to say "it's the same!" he should probably make sure he's right about that statement in the first place.

              If you read it a little more closely (hilarious considering your quip about comprehension) that statement seems more to be linked to the statement about price. Granted that in itself is somewhat misleading, since the special edition controllers command a higher price than the "regular" pro controllers, and you can't imagine this one deviating from that pattern. But that's not the mistake you've jumped on here.

              As for the revisions themselves, I don't believe there's any official source on there having been a revision? It's all speculation from hobbyists. Plenty have had experience in the purported revisions not providing an improvement at all, so the credibility of such claims is questionable. And it's not like a major hardware revision such as the GameCubes without the digital-out or the horizontal Wii that had no GCN ports - things that actually had a new model number, something you could definitively pin down and use to differentiate between two given units.

                Every special edition attracts a higher price, to the point where I'm amazed that people feel the need to comment on it as it's a point of being the obvious. That doesn't make him any less wrong, unfortunately, because this controller is not one of the original Pro controllers that suffers from the manufacturing defect that hit a huge quantity of the original Pro controllers. It means that a) people could be put on notice about the problem since people like you clearly aren't aware that it is a problem or b) purchase the revision to dodge a warranty claim if they so desired. But that's consumer advocacy and this is Kotaku.

                The revisions have been known about by the community and Reddit for some time now as made evident by a simple Google search. One would think that the upstanding members of Kotaku would be able to obtain an official statement since there were numerous warranty claims or do some research of their own, but I wouldn't be making a complaint if that were the case, now would I? The information is easily accessible... if people felt like it. But I suspect that'd be asking for too much.

                  For someone quipping on the reading comprehension of others, you sure seem to have a lack of it yourself. Check my other posts here, I am well aware of the fault and what google and reddit have to say on the matter, I also have firsthand experience that those faults can still exist in these supposedly "revised" controllers.

                  But again you're barking up the wrong tree. Everything you're complaining about in regards to this article is something that should be the subject of a dedicated article, not a tangential tailpiece to a news post such as this.

        This is a load of crap anyway. The d-pad varies in quality from controller to controller, I've been through... I've lost count now, something like eight different pro controllers and they've all had completely different d-pads. Two of my Splatoon ones were crap, two were great, two Xenoblade ones were ok but nowhere near as good as the good Splat ones. It's all a lucky dip.

          Pelting your controllers at walls or snap them in half in frustration. I know this all too well. Otherwise I'm not sure how'd you go through so many controllers.

            Never done anything of the sort with any controller in my life. They were all returns because of crap d-pads or crap control sticks that wouldn't hold their value/wavered as you held them still. It's a common and known issue. They were all returned under warranty.

          Three for me so far and all bad, the latest Xeno one was slightly better but only just.

        Throw more money?! I thought that's what one year warranties were for =/

      Haha wow. I'm all for giving honest critique of kotaku and it's reporting sometimes. But holy crap this is just being over the top and weirdly angry.

    What's Super Smash Bros. Ultimate got to do is it with all this criticism? Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is coming out on the Nintendo Switch this December and we should all be looking forward to Masahiro Sakurai making Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for the last time even though this will be the last Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fighting coming to the Nintendo Switch and we should also be looking forward to some new fighters and new stages added to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate when Nintendo host their next Nintendo or Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Direct later this year.
    This is not criticism we're getting close to the end of 2018 and with only 88 days left until the November State Election we should be looking forward to excitement for the future ahead not all this criticism crap.

      Lol wut

        We've been wondering if he was a bot or a kid... I say this random comment about the state election (Victoria?) pegs him as a bot in my mind.

          That or this is some serious deep troll. If so, I'm impressed

            Seriously deep. It's been going on for years.

          TBH, I think he's just a very passionate Nintendo fan who will someday make a great employee at a cheap SEO operation.

        What? Aren't you looking forward to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate which is coming out on the Nintendo Switch console made by Nintendo corporation in preparation for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate by Nintendo?

        I think sometimes the hardcore Ninty fans search for negative articles about anything related to Nintendo just so they can attack the articles in the comment section.

        I mean you only need to look at what happened with Jim Sterling to see evidence their fragility. He gave BoTW a 7/10 in his review and he got death threats from hardcore fans.

      It's nothing to do with SSBU, apart from the fact it's a special edition SSBU controller with a somewhat bland design. There's no criticism of the game itself here.

    I've heard that this controller apparently has "better hardware" than the standard Switch pro controller, but looks-wise (aside from the design), it looks exactly the same.

    I love my pro controller and have had zero issues with it, playing most of my Switch games in docked mode with the pro controller. I bought it shortly after getting my Switch at launch. I've used it to play games like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Super Mario: Odyssey, the former two games were titles that I spent a lot of time playing. My partner also uses the same pro controller and has had no problems.

    Maybe we got lucky?

      The dpad on the newer units is a little better at isolating diagonal inputs from the cardinal directions.

      In most games it's not an issue, but it can get tricky when the dpad is used as the primary input. But to be fair, neither version of the dpad is very good, both are a far cry from Nintendo's best.

        I do quite like the pro Switch controller, but my favourite controller by Nintendo would definitely be the Game Cube's Wave Bird.

        Though also a far cry from their worst I reckon (although when you do get a bad one... maybe).

    I kind of like the look of that controller.

    But to each his own as they say.

    I will say that chopped up circle as the smash logo is weird though. I mean really, a chopped up circle?

    Looks good on that controler though. :D

    Wow, a 200 word article just for Luke to have a moan, but then, in order to read the articles, I had to scroll through 27 advertisements! Seems like an imbalance there.

    What an interesting comment section for a controller.

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