MSI Spoils Nvidia’s RTX 20 Series Reveal

MSI Spoils Nvidia’s RTX 20 Series Reveal

I’m in the middle of a gigantic queue in Cologne, Germany, where thousands of people are gathered to listen to Nvidia’s largest event since their GTX 10 series launch. It’s expected that the company will announce new hardware – and it’s quickly confirmed, after individual journos start getting press releases from MSI minutes before the conference was originally scheduled to begin.

The full release outlines MSI’s product lineup for the RTX 20 series of GPUs, which is based off the Turing architecture announced by Nvidia at the SIGGRAPH conference recently.

“The new GPUs were unveiled at a special NVIDIA two-day event called the “GeForce Gaming Celebration” which kicked off tonight at the Palladium in Cologne, Germany ahead of Gamescom 2018,” the press release, which Videocardz posted online in full, reads. Kotaku Australia did not receive the release – nor did another Australian outlet that was nearby at the time – although two other journos from North America were showing the release on their phones, prior to it being posted publicly.

Interestingly, the release went out a few minutes before 1800 local time in Cologne – which was when the Nvidia event was originally scheduled to begin. MSI’s release isn’t the first mention of the RTX-powered 20 series, however. Photos of various cards from AIB partners, such as Inno3D and Gigabyte, have sporadically appeared online over the past week.

MSI’s release noted that their Duke and Gaming Trio series would ship with triple fans, while the Ventus-branded cards would adopt a slimmer dual-fan design. Their series of watercooled cards would be sold under the Sea Hawk branding.

“Powered by the new NVIDIA Turing™ GPU architecture and the revolutionary NVIDIA RTX platform, the new graphics cards bring together real-time ray tracing, artificial intelligence, and programmable shading. This is not only a whole new way to experience games—this is the ultimate PC gaming experience,” MSI announced.

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We’ll have more details about the RTX 20 series GPUs shortly, although you can also follow the livestream along above.

Update: It’s not just MSI: Newegg jumped the gun as well, with listings for various AIB cards appearing before Nvidia announced the details during their conference.

MSI Spoils Nvidia’s RTX 20 Series Reveal
MSI Spoils Nvidia’s RTX 20 Series Reveal

Update #2: For a brief window, Australian pricing for the RTX 2080 Ti and RTX 2080 was live on the GeForce website. You’ll have to fork out $1899 and $1199 respectively for both cards, although Nvidia promptly took the links down in the middle of the conference.

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The author travelled to Gamescom 2018 as a guest of Nvidia.


  • Cards look interesting, will have to wait until we see non founders to get an idea of whether it would be worth the investment.

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