Oh Boy Look At This Doomfist Cosplay

Cosplay by Zibartas

Or, more specifically, just look at the metal arm on this guy.

This is Zibartas with a truly astonishing piece of work, replicating Doomfist’s artificial limb from the lights to the mechanics.

Yes, I know it isn’t the same size as Doomfist’s actual arm. But this is the price you pay to actually make the thing work while remaining wearable!


    The cultural appropriation tho...

      Disagree. He's dressed up as Doomfist. If he had done blackface for it, then it would have been a problem, but he didn't. He's wearing a Doomfist costume, not a black person costume.

        Blackface =/= cultural appropriation though. Cultural appropriation (according to certain SJWs) is where white people (because only white people can appropriate stuff from other cultures, apparently) wear stuff like yukata and eat with chopsticks while expressing an appreciation for the latest Hamasaki Ayumi single.

        Jokes aside, there are seriously people who would have a go at you merely for being white and cosplaying as a black character. Blackface, however, would get you some serious acrimony from most of mainstream Australia.

      Jokes aside can it even be cultural appropriation when it's a made up character, I mean what's cultural about the character in the first place.

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