Oh, This Is Nice

The Xbox Elite Controller, which is fantastic, has only ever been available in black. Now, it’s also available in a very fetching shade of white.

I bring this up for two reasons. Firstly, because I like it a lot! And secondly, because after trashing a controller earlier in the week, I’m bringing balance to the universe by praising one here.

I’ve always had a thing for white controllers (they’re super easy to find when you leave them lying around!), but I’m especially liking the all-white buttons on this as well.

The only question here is, with Elite controllers being such workhorses, just how white is that white going to look after a few months’ worth of grimy hands...

It’s out worldwide on October 16, and will cost $199.95.


    thats going to look sludge grey in like no days flat.

      Meh. I have the white sunset overdrive bundles controller and a white one from the s, both as lustrous as the day we got them.

      I found if you get those white 'eraser pads' you can buy at woollies and coles for cleaning walls, they're utterly amazing for cleaning controllers :)

    My biggest issue with the elite is the triggers which clip on the back.

    Often I'll play games where I don't need/want the triggers, so I take them off. It leaves these uncomfortable square holes in the back of the controller with no decent way to plug them up.

    I've tried blue-tac etc but no luck... so I end up using the normal Xbox controller most of the time.

      Thats a paddlin'.

      Yeah I found I was hitting the bottom 2 paddles accidentally, so removed them and just leave the top 2 in now. No solution for your holes, as I dont really notice them at all.

    Neither of the controllers look great but I'd take the Smash Pro controller over this whitewash any day. I'm surprised the D-Pad and analogue sticks aren't white too but I suspect that's more because they have a set manufacturing process than being a design choice.

    Looking dirty is exactly why I've never had or will have a white controller, just see some of the original white 360's and controllers on gumtree. Makes me shudder.

    Have the elite controllers been fixed now? On launch, they had a terrible return rate with buttons and sticks often breaking.

    I dont want to pay for something that is going to break in a couple of months.

      I've had mine since launch...
      aside from some slack in the analogue stick vertical movement, it's never missed a beat.
      It gets about 2-3 hours use 5/7 days a week.

      I wonder if it was just a bad batch initially?

    My xb1 suffers from the dreaded phucked wifi controller module which im confident a new controller isnt going to fix :'(

    My problem is they still have the cheap plastic cover (in comparison to PS4) so hitting stick to the limits will make more noise than a PS4 controller. The Elite with metal sticks makes it so much worse.

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