OK, Greedfall Looks Intriguing

OK, Greedfall Looks Intriguing

A third-person RPG built on a 17th century colonialism that dovetails with magic, feuding factions, a neat skill tree, and underarching systems of diplomacy and reputation. That’s the gist of Greedfall.

Some b-roll footage of the game, which is made by the same studio responsible for The Technomancer and Bound by Flame, was uploaded over the weekend. There’s a fair bit shown off in segments, from the customisations, branching NPC interactions, and some of the characters you’ll encounter.

How well all of this works in concert won’t be known until next year, when Greedfall is scheduled to launch. But it’s an appealing mix, and worth storing in the back of your mind for when 2019 rolls around.

I’m still a little suss on how the magic fits into all of this. Getting the combat to a satisfying state will be the major challenge here – it was the weakest part of Technomancer. Making sure there’s depth to diplomacy is no small feat either, as the Civilization devs can attest.

Greedfall is scheduled to launch next year on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.


  • Mars: War Logs, Technomancer, Elex, Bound by Flame, Lords of the Fallen, Risen/Gothic series… I really admire a lot of the things these AA (or in some cases just A+) try to do, and it’s a real shame that so many of them come out just… so close and yet so far. Only a few like The Surge manage to successfully pull off that feat of being a polished, no-complaints, really solid AA gem.

    I’ll probably buy this, as well. I never stop buying them. I just always wish someone would swoop down from on high and give these guys the million-dollar teams they need to fully realize what they’re dreaming. AAA polish, AA experimentation. Because AAA gave up on that a long time ago.

      • It’s that sense of creeping close to the summit, right? Each game gets a little closer, borrows ideas from the past and improves just a fraction here and there, until it all finally comes together.

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