A Classic Counter-Strike Gun Returns

A Classic Counter-Strike Gun Returns
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Sometimes, a game isn’t quite right without an old friend.

Counter-Strike has no lack of options when it comes to the arsenal in between pistols and the beefier, stock assault rifles. But one of the staples of the series – the MP5 – has been missing absent Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

It’s not like there weren’t serviceable options in its place: the PP-Bizon was a popular choice in the game’s early years, and the MP7, UMP, MAC-10 and P90 all have their place.

But it’s not the same as the old classic, the MP5.

A Classic Counter-Strike Gun Returns

What’s notable about all of this is that CS:GO has been teasing the MP5 for a while. The gun was part of the CS:GO beta but was cut before the game launched. The gun popped up in March last year, with kill icons and the gun being added to the HUD in an update. More recently, references to the MP5-SD were founded in the first Panorama update.

The iconic SMG finally made its appearance today, with an official patch rolling out to all users. The MP5-SD takes the place of the MP7 in your loadout. It’s not available in competitive matchmaking yet – although you can run around with it in deathmatch and casual play – but expect to see a lot of it in the coming weeks.

The MP5 has been a popular gun amongst gamers for good reason: it’s versatile, typically has little to no recoil, and doesn’t hamper movement too much. The MP5-SD is super silent, and as you’d expect the first six or seven bullets basically require no recoil management at all.

For the record, here’s the recoil pattern from a full magazine at relatively short range:

A Classic Counter-Strike Gun Returns

The MP5-SD costs $1500 in game, and in casual play at least, you’ll get $300 per kill. It’s not as powerful as the MP7, but it’s quieter and the faster movespeed is always a good thing to have. The update is live on Steam now.


  • Depending on ROF and moving accuracy, this could be a eco monster. Who cares about the low damage if you can land three headshots quickly.

    • I’d take this over the MP7 by default for certain maps too – Mirage is a good example. MP7 is great and the reward is huge, but I like the safety of having that round in the bank and not having the economy buggered by the third round.

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