Ooh, Here's A Switch For $355.30

Image: Kotaku

Like the idea of Hollow Knight or Stardew Valley on the train? You'll need a Switch for that, so here's a good deal on one.

It's courtesy of The Gamesmen through their eBay store. The list price right now is $374, but if you add the PENNY5 checkout code you can grab the console for $355.30 delivered.

The console is the Neon JoyCon version; there's no gray version available, although you can buy gray JoyCons separately if that's your thing. And if you need some advice on what games to pick up once you've got a Switch, we've got a list of 12 below. (Make sure you add Golf Story, though.)

The 12 Best Games For The Nintendo Switch

You just bought a new Nintendo Switch. Now it's time to figure out what games you want to play. We've got you covered.

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For more info, head to the eBay listing.


    Annnnnd Woolies has 15% off Nintendo eShop cards from today FYI

    "You'll need a switch for that."

    Nah just about any old laptop will also do that.

      Or you could just get a ball and cup and be done with it. #switchmasterrace

        You sure got some fancy toys there, boy. Why, back in my day there weren’t nothin’ wrong with a stick and some stones.

      Plus using Stardew Valley as an example was unfortunate, since it's also on the Vita..

    Annnd it's gone....
    :'( i missed it again!

    I'm a day late in reading this and it seems sold out.

    I was playing Paladins via my personal hotspot on the train this morning FWIW.

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