Our First Look At The Third Season Of The Good Place Offers A Broader Look At The New Status Quo

Our First Look At The Third Season Of The Good Place Offers A Broader Look At The New Status Quo

The second season of The Good Place, a show about four screw-ups trying to become better people in the afterlife, ended on an incredibly unexpected note. If this early look is any indication, that new situation might stick around for a while.

In an extended first look published by Entertainment Weekly, we see The Good Place protagonists all situated in their new contexts—on Earth. After the second season ended with the heroes being given a second chance at life, to prove that they could grow as people and deserved better than the eternal damnation of the Bad Place, there was a lot of fan speculation about how long that would last, and whether or not it was even real or just an elaborate illusion.

But in the third season, apparently, Earth is the place to be. We see Chidi (William Jackson Harper) and Eleanor (Kristen Bell) at the university, meeting new people, we see Tahani (Jamella Jamil) walking through gates that, according to creator Michael Schur, “lead directly to the rest of her life,” and we see Jason (Manny Jacinto), well, dancing. But hopefully dancing more thoughtfully. Meanwhile, Michael and Janet, now fully invested in the humans, are seen trying to manage their heavenly scheme to help as long as they can.

Image Tahani, on her way to enlightenment, maybe? (Image: Entertainment Weekly (NBC))

These images give us a look at a life on Earth that is here to stay, at least for a little while, with an expanded cast of characters (including Kirby Howell-Baptiste from from Killing Eve in a recurring role as a colleague of Chidi’s) and a diverse range of settings that push outside of the show’s established supernatural bounds.

Image Oh, just, you know, some research. (Image: Entertainment Weekly (NBC))

All in all, it’s really intriguing, and after how moving the end of the second season was, I’m thrilled to see where this goes next. Check out Entertainment Weekly for the full set of images. The new season will air on September 28th. Bortles!


  • Surprised the hell out of me how good this was. Binged it over a weekend with s1. Then devoured s2 as it came out. Cannot wait for 3 🙂

    • Totally agree, @Weresmurf. I started watching it but stopped after the 2nd or 3rd episode because the whole thing seemed shallow and annoying. Several months later my sister encouraged me to give it another chance. I’m so glad I did. It’s now one of my favourite shows. Just brilliant.

  • Given Micahel Schur’s history with Parks & Rec and Brooklyn-99 there was a good chance that Good Place was going to be great too.
    Funny seeing the same actors pop up across all three shows too.

  • This show is so good! The charterers actually develop, change and take past events into consideration.

    Can’t wait!

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