Overwatch Heroes Are Looking Sporty For Summer

Image: Overwatch, Blizzard

The Overwatch Summer Games event is now live and as we've come to expect, it's accompanied by a bunch of new skins. This time, all your favourite characters are playing sports.

The internet already went wild for the latest D.va skin, but the new skins for Roadhog, Reinhardt, Winston, Ana, Moira, Brigitte, Sombra and especially Zenyatta are just as good. I love his little baseball cap!

You can check out the rest of the summer skins from previous years here and they will also be available during the Summer Games event. My favourite is still Cote D'Azure Widowmaker, though that new D.va skins is giving it a run for its money.


    Moira's skins continue to disappoint. :sob:

      Not for me! Irish born and bred, I'll be wearing that with pride.

        It's OK for an Ireland colours skin, but I think we were all hoping for a decent legendary instead of an epic recolour. The Brigitte one is disappointing too - she doesn't have any "fun" skins yet.

          Fair point, I'd say keep an eye on the Halloween event. Moira kinda fits right into that aesthetic already...

      The worst part about Moira skins is how most of them change her hair colour. She doesn't look as good if she's not a red head.

    oh man. That moira skin..... Is it to much to hope for 1 decent skin =/

      I think Blackwatch is okay, but I still just use the default skin.

    Man, Moira in her lab coat would be awesome.

    Do that, Blizzard. Free idea.

    Not really enthused by any of the new additions this event.

    I mean, Rein's, Winston's and Zen's new skins are pretty cool, and Orisa's new highlight intro made me chuckle, but the rest is fairly meh.

    No Bowling Ball skin for Hammond. Talk about your missed opportunities, Blizzard!

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