Venusaur's Legs Are Freaking People Out 

Venusaur has been around since Pokémon Red and Blue. Yet, the latest footage from Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu and Eevee! gives a very good look at how the character gets around. It’s freaking some people out!

Have a look for yourself.

Its legs don’t look that strange in motion but look closely...

See? They’re very long!

This shouldn’t freak you out though.

Were Venusaur’s legs always this long?

Here is an official toy.

Nobody freaked out in the past, though! 

With those legs, shouldn’t Venusaur look like this?

No, says this Twitter user, who provides this visual.


    It doesn't matter, Venusaur is still the goodest and best boy.

    Remember when people did productive and useful things with their spare time?

    Don't know what to say, bulbasaur evolution line was always frog/toad type. People need to actually go out and see real animal in motion for once lol

      I think it's because most anime appearances have shown it moving more like any other four legged animal.
      Great to see them emphasising the frog aspect of its design though. I welcome my new amphibious overlord.

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