PUBG Is Getting A Training Mode

Since time immemorial (it’s been a long year), PUBG players have been asking for a training mode. OK, actually they’ve mostly been asking for bug fixes and optimisation, but they’ve also been harping on the whole training mode thing. Soon, they’ll be getting their wish.

Training mode will take the form of a new 2x2km map that includes race tracks for testing out vehicles, a parachute course, short and long-range combat ranges, and most importantly, a parkour area.

The goal, PUBG Madison team lead Dave Curd wrote in a post on Steam, was not just to give players the shooting range they’ve been requesting, but to create “an open, living map where players can test a variety of skills to their heart’s content”.

That means options for all levels of players. If you’re a casual fan, you can mess around in a giant playground without fear of some wannabe-Rambo who’s become so proficient that Rambo wants to be them taking your head off from a 1km away. If you’re an expert, you can really dial in your shooting and looting by mastering things such as bullet drop, recoil and attachments.

Training mode is coming to PUBG next month.


    About time!
    The nature of the game is that you die almost every single time you want to learn how anything works.

    Will be good to have a play with some of the guns just to work out why I miss so often.

    Cant these put all these resources into fixing the game? Such a waste of 24 dollars.

      Yeah I agree. The mobile version is free and has had training mode for ages, as well as faster modes so beginners get more practice. I really regret spending money on this game when the free mobile version is far superior.

      Ahhh the subjective nature of taste. I have 628 hours on record (though I don't play anymore) and don't feel like it was that bad of an investment, though I am sure I still have an old negative steam store review for it.

        Dude, I installed it (XBONE) and it took 30 minutes to find a match. I get into a match and die, the lag and hit indicator didn't come up at all.

        I uninstalled straight away.

        Over 400hrs here on Xbox which is the most I’ve ever played any game and it’s not even out of early access yet, best $30 I ever spent

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