PUBG Player Nails Perfect Molotov Throw

A good shot in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds always makes you feel good, but the perfect use of a thrown weapon will almost bring a tear to your eye.

YouTube user G44RA’s perfect throw is one for the ages. Sanhok, PUBG’s newest map, seems like it is designed to put you in awkward spots where a combination of hills, trees, and buildings means that you are doing running battles while searching for cover about 30% of the time.

The video shows a familiar situation for anyone who has been playing PUBG recently: there’s someone firing from a building, they’re hard to hit, and the only choice to make is whether to fight or run. The noble molotov user in the video chooses to fight, and it pays off.

I literally went “ohhhOHHHHHH” when the weapon threaded through the window, and it’s this kind of moment that makes PUBG a special game for me that really does transcend other battle royale games.

It’s something to do with the slightly more tactical, more simulation-y aspects of the PUBG experience that makes this more interesting and exciting to me than shooting grenades out of a gun in Fortnite.

I salute you, thrown weapons expert, because I’m never going to do anything this cool.


    is this an appropriate situation in which I could use the colloquialism "Yeet"?


    I mean...

    I could only possibly do this by using HAAAACKS!!!!

    Does the game still run like trash?
    Haven't played in about a year

      Runs pretty well on my machine at 1440p - i7 3770, 16GB ddr3, GTX 970 G1, installed on a SSD.

      For the most part, yeah

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