Rick And Morty’s Justin Roiland Lands His Next Big Gig: An Animated Series About Alien Refugees

Rick And Morty’s Justin Roiland Lands His Next Big Gig: An Animated Series About Alien Refugees

Though Justin Roiland is busy nice and schwifty for you nerds, that doesn’t mean he hasn’t found the time to keep multiple plates spinning in the air. Get ready to get used to hearing a lot more of his voice.

Deadline’s reporting that Hulu has greenlit two seasons, for a total of 16 episodes, of Solar Opposites, a new series from Roiland and Rick and Morty co-creator Mike McMahan. It’s about a family of aliens from a “better world” who come to Earth to hide among midwestern Americans and can’t decide how they feel about their new home. Roiland is set to voice both the characters “Terry” and “Korvo,” and will be joined by fellow cast members Sean Giambrone and Mary Mack.

Knowing what Roiland’s comedic sensibilities are like, it’s more than likely that when Solar Opposites’ first season drops sometime in 2020, it’ll be sharp, rather bawdy, and probably infused with at least some political commentary given the year.


  • The dull, plodding, less-amusing-than-scrolling-through-Imgur Disenchantment is making me wary of spin-offs.

    • Yeah, its felt that way to me as well for at least the first 4 eps so far. Going to stick with it since theres only 10 eps but I think I’ve enjoyed Final Space a lot more. That at least had some silly moments through it, and grew quickly enough. Not sure Disenchantment knows what it wants to be yet.

      • Pacing’s off. It lingers too long over its gags like it’s waiting for a laugh track that never comes, or it doesn’t trust the audience to get the joke. It’d be funnier if it punched faster and didn’t broadcast the jokes so damn long before it makes them.

  • Sounds so original and interesting. /s

    Really sounds like an excuse to dump more pop culture references passed off as comedy with some political commentary to appeal to a particular audience. Given how Rick and Morty is on a downward slide I don’t have high hopes.

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