Nice work claymore35 - the last ScribbleTaku was indeed Theme Hospital. Timely, given that the game's getting a spiritual successor very soon.

Can you guess today's game?


    1. The settings screen in RE4 where you choose how bright the game is.

    2. The settings screen in any game where you choose how bright the game is.

    World of Warcraft (Looks like it says Azeroth on the back of the paper)

    Nice guesses, but the game is a little more ... timely than that.

      Time Splitters? Ocarina of Time? Chrono Trigger? Quantum Break? Back to the Future? Braid? Where in Time is Carmen Sandiago? Day of the Tentacle? A Time to Kill? The Nick of Time? One Fine Day? Hidalgo?

      Wait... some of those are movies...

    That looks like an Experience bar
    The Elder Scrolls 3 Morrowind?

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