No luck with Onimusha then, the most recent ScribbleTaku. No matter. Let's try a new game.

Good luck!


    Damn. I was going to guess Onimusha because of the Timely hint but I couldn't find any screenshots that had that bar...
    For today I want to say the minimap from Hunt For Red October but it's not quite right.

    Looks a bit like the level generation icon from one of the Worms games

    Vanguard (Atari 2600 version?)

      Does look like Vanguard doesn't it? That's why I've gone Scramble. Not sure about the lines on the left before the tunnel though....

    Funny enough, this does resemble one of the Hunt for Red October games.

      My guess is Biker Mice from Mars. Or The Dig. One of those.

    Want to say lunar lander but I know it's wrong, there was a game very similar but I don't remember the name.

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