Sega Is Making Edible Logos And Selling Them In Japan

Photo: Sega

Earlier this year, Sega launched its own taiyaki stand. Taiyaki is a classic Japanese fish-shaped snack typically filled with sweet red bean paste or custard cream. Screw fish, Sega is going to sell ones shaped like its logo.

As previously posted, Sega’s taiyaki stall is located in Tokyo’s Ikebukuro and is called “Sega no Taiyaki” (Sega’s Taiyaki).

Here is the previously released standard fish-shaped taiyaki from Sega.

According to Sega, it took around half a year of trial and error to make the logo taiyaki happen. A special iron plate had to be developed to accurately reproduce the company’s logo.

Photo: Sega

The backside of the Sega taiyaki has the Sega Group’s corporate slogan, which translates as “Creation is life.”

Sega has already sold character taiyaki. Expect more in the future!

The Sega logo taiyaki goes on sale August 8 and will be available with either a red bean paste filling or a “premium cream” filling with vanilla beans.


    Sadly none were there when I visited last week, however I did get a standard taiyaki with Sega packaging :P

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