Shadow Of The Tomb Raider For Xbox One X: 4K 30FPS Or 1080p 60FPS?

Shadow Of The Tomb Raider For Xbox One X: 4K 30FPS Or 1080p 60FPS?
Image: Square Enix

Being able to tweak a game’s graphics settings was once entirely a PC thing. These days, it’s not uncommon for console games (or the console itself) to offer 4K or supersampling, if you don’t mind a lower framerate. Square Enix’s Shadow of the Tomb Raider is following suit with two such options for Xbox One X players: High Resolution or High Framerate mode.

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Frédéric Robichaud, Programming Director at Eidos Montreal, explained the benefits between the modes to Xbox Wire’s Will Tuttle — basically, you’ll get 30fps at 4K in High Resolution mode and 60fps at 1080p with High Framerate mode.

It’s safe to assume this isn’t unique to the Xbox One X, seeing as Rise of the Tomb Raider on the PS4 Pro came with a similar choice. That, and Xbox Wire is Microsoft.

Anyway… Robichaud goes on to say the extra grunt of the Xbox One X has allowed the developer to “improve the quality of certain [VFX] algorithms”:

We’ve been able to improve the quality of certain algorithms on the Xbox One X like stochastic screen-space reflections and atmospheric effects. With the extra memory, we have increased the shadow maps and texture resolution to enhance the visual quality.

Again, PS4 Pro owners should benefit from these improvements too, barring a dimensional glitch deleting Sony from existence.

Alright folks, question time! 4K 30fps or 1080p 60fps? Personally, I would do 4K, but only if the framerate’s rock-solid.

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Inside Xbox One X Enhanced: Shadow of the Tomb Raider [Xbox Wire]


  • 60fps every time. Smoother gameplay over looking a tiny bit prettier. You kind of stop ‘seeing’ the pretty graphics after a while. Gameplay is where it’s at, every time.

  • I don’t see myself getting a 4k screen for at least another few years, but even if I had one no question 60/1080. I find 30fps to be distractingly low.

    I’m a bit spoiled and I actually have a strong preference for over 60 now… high-end gaming PC and 144hz monitor. I notice a difference in smoothness up to around 90fps.

    …I’ll be picking this up on PC. Only really use my consoles for exclusives.

    • Cool. Going against the norm, I like it.
      I prefer the frame rate but why do you prefer 4k? Just interested

      • I think, it’s a pseudo FPS game. It’s a adventure game. You want to feel the caves, depths, people around you in the highest quality details. Those frames arnt going to be missed. Unless it’s a shooter, racer, fighter or sports game, 60fps isn’t required.

        This game will look amazing in 4K HDR. I think if your experiencing the wonders of exploring the depths of time, you’d want the best visual experience. Combat is secondary

  • Start the game in 4K then change it to 60FPS mode after the initial wow-factor wears off.
    Worked for me playing HZD on PS4 PRO.

  • Lifelong Nintendo gamer so I can roll with 4K and 30FPS haha! But seriously, I’d take 1080p and 60FPS.

  • 60 frames for sure. Especially for a platforming game that requires precise control and shooting. With shadow of the collosus, sure 4K mode looked sharper when standing perfectly still, but during performance mode gameplay, those extra frames made all the difference.

  • I’m with @agentofevil and I’ll playing it at 4K on PC.
    I’f I’m playing online multiplayer FPS then I would go 1080 at high FPS but this is (I hope!) an immersive story driven game where I want to bask in the scenery, before I stab someone in the back 😉
    One question I haven’t seen answered is whether the PC version will include 4K textures. For Shadow of War and Assassins Creed: Origins the switch to 4K was night and day. It wasn’t the change in resolution that made the difference, it was the new textures that came with that change.
    I guess the other thing to add is I get a consistent 45 FPS on those games anyway so assume I’ll get the same for Tomb Raider.

  • Mostly going 4K on PC but my new display does native 120hz @ 1080 so I’ve been switching back and forth in games like Destiny 2 between 4K@60 + HDR and 1080@120 and it’s a struggle. 4K looks great but 120fps is so very very nice. Most of the time I’m sticking with 4K but I dabble with higher frame rates if the game experience is that much better for it, usually FPS that benefit the most and if it’s an RPG or adventure or the like I stick with 4K.

  • I’ll choose 4K because it’s still perfectly playable (based on the last game) and the scenery is worth the extra resolution.
    If I was playing dark souls and had this option I would choose frame rate.

  • 4k always. Not even worth considering for me, but I understand that’s not what the majority of gamers align with.

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