Sony Gets A Little Weird With Its New DualShock 4 Colours [Updated]

Image: Sony, PlayStation Blog

Sony has announced three new colour variations for the Dualshock 4, including a spunky blue two-tone one that looks fun as hell.

Update 11:20AM: Australian pricing and availability has been announced. This article has been updated accordingly.

Berry Blue is a DualShock 4 colour scheme that seems loosely inspired by weird, melted Slurpee flavours - a perfect partner to the equally Slurpee-like Sunset Orange controller released in Australia last year. Berry Blue is aqua and burgundy, while Sunset Orange is traffic cone orange and dark blue, both complementary contrasts that help every button and surface on the controllers really pop.

Somewhat less exciting is another camouflage variation and a copper toned-alternative to the existing gold and silver controller.

The the Blue Camouflage controller hits Australia October 12, the Berry Blue on October 23, and Copper on October 30. Sunset Orange will also be made available again for a limited time on September 18. They’ll be priced at $99.95.

Image: Sony, PlayStation Blog

The PS4 and Xbox One both released with all-black controllers. It was part of a design scheme that was equal parts sophisticated and boring. In 2016 Microsoft launched its Design Lab program for fully customisable Xbox One controllers, and a year later Nintendo released a handheld bookended by two Icy Hot-inspired Joy-Con followed by a few other equally colourful versions. So it’s about time Sony released some wilder variations of its own.

Last year around this time Sony released a trio of translucent-coloured controllers, but arguably nothing so far has been as bold as the new two-toned ones. What can I say, I’m a sucker for bright plastic, so much so that I will be promptly returning the DualShock 4 I bought this weekend so I can upgrade to something a little more exciting. 


    *eyenarrows* Switch colours?

      Yeah that's what I also immediately thought :P

      Last edited 21/08/18 9:25 am

    the orange and navy one is nice

    If only there was a reason to own more than one controller other than to play with one while the other is charging

      I bought a second one specifically to get the co-op trophy (and subsequent plat) on Lego Marvel Superheroes..

      That orange one is dope, will think about picking one up.

      Local Street Fighter tournies at my house

      Cant play proper SF games online

    I feel like I've definitely already seen the orange/navy one in stores, months ago. Am I going nuts?

    I like them, I am still using my grey 20th anniversary edition controller but would defiantly upgrade when available

      Get the limited edition 500 million one that comes out this week, looks the best out of them all!

        The 'see-through' royal blue? Hell yes, I forgot about that one.

        So many controllers!

          Yeah that's the one! I have the 20th anniversary grey one so this new blue one will go nicely with it I think! Comes out Friday!

        EB were doing a promotion the other day where you could trade an old PS4 controller towards the 500M controller and you only paid $50 for it. I got in on the deal, but it looks like they might be out of stock. Could be worth contacting them though to see if there is any possibility of it still running.

          I did that myself as I just got a PS4 Pro the other week & didn't need/want the controller that came with it & when I saw EB Games was doing that it was a no brainer. It'll go well with my 20th anniversary controller!

    $100 for a controller. Fuck off, Sony!

      Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo all charge between $80 & $99 for controllers. Sony have other controllers for $80 that aren't fancy colours.

        Yeah I know. I'd expect to find a Dualshock 4 for somewhere around $75 give or take but charging a premium of $20 for different colours is just greedy.

          Meh. Some people are into that. I personally dropped the $$ for one of the 500 million limited edition ones. But I got that for $50 as I had a spare DS4 that I didn't need/want cause it was white..

    Looks like a try at doing a Goku and Freiza controller

    The copper one and the Berry blue one look great

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