Sony Is Releasing A Gorgeous Translucent PS4 Console

To commemorate 500 million PlayStation consoles sold over the last couple of decades, Sony will be bringing back that 90s styling and releasing this blue, transluscent PS4 Pro.

Both the console and controller are see-through, letting you peek through the casing to see the guts inside, while the surrounding plastic is a very fetching shade of dark blue. There’s also a bronze plate on the front with the serial number on it.

The limited edition bundle includes a 2TB PS4 Pro, Dualshock 4 and PlayStation camera. You’ll also be able to get the controller individually, as well as a Gold Wireless headset that has the same transparent casing as the console.

There’ll only be 50,000 of these available worldwide, and they’ll go on sale in the US and Canada on August 24.

My god, it’s beautiful.


    So about that article about buying multiple consoles.....

      I know right. It is a beauty and although I wouldnt seek it out if I walked into JB and they had them there Id pick one up because im a sucker.

    I love the design...not sure I can come up with another good excuse to upgrade my Pro to a Pro lol

      It comes with a slightly larger hard drive.

        That was part of my reason to upgrading to the Pro in the first place haha

    99% of themed or Ltd Ed consoles are gaudy as hell...but this....want!

    Sony have done some butt-ugly limited edition hardware over the years, but this one is very nice indeed.

    I haven't jumped on the Sony train yet this gen, but if this comes here i will.

    Will it be available in Australia? I notice the article tells us it will be sold in USA and Canada but no date for here.

    Upvote for using translucent instead of transparent in the title. Downvote for using transparent instead of translucent in the article.

    how about something actually useful like 4K UHD Blu-ray support...

    That would be a better celebration if you ask me.
    What we all need is different coloured playstations that do nothing extra.

    What a great buy!

    Translucent black and I'd be interested.

    Aaand - gone.
    All sold out it seems and now available on eBay for 3x the price.

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