Spider-Man Is Much Better With The '90s Intro

There's been plenty of Spider-Man promos ahead of the game's release, but they've all been missing a little something.

Irish YouTuber illbedarnd believed that "something" was the '90s. So they took one of the trailers and cinematics from E3, and recut the whole thing with the intro theme from the animated series in the '90s, the best Spider-Man had to offer.

Spoiler: it's instantly better.

Note to Insomniac: if you're thinking of content patches post-launch, can you make this one of them? Thanks.


    That's nice and all, but Spectacular Spiderman was the best animated Spiderman series.

      You're out of your damned mind! The '90's had so little going for it don't take this away from us.

    This was good, the 60s intro version was much better.

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