Square Enix Ending Physical & Digital Sales Of The Last Remnant

Image: Square Enix

What happens to a video game when it stops being sold? Does it go to Silicon Heaven? If not, then where do all the calculators go? I'm not nearly drunk enough to answer these questions, but at the very least we can observe Square Enix's The Last Remnant, which will depart stores, both real and digital, come early September.

According to a brief announcement from Square Enix's community manager Sunil Godhania, from September 4, The Last Remnant will cease to exist as a purchasable entity.

If you happen to own a copy, don't worry, you'll "still be able to play as per usual".

The post doesn't mention why Square Enix is calling it quits; I can only assume ongoing support for the nearly decade-old game isn't worth it compared to the sales it's generating. Which is fair enough.

If for some reason, you'd like to grab it before it's gone, it's currently available on Steam for $US9.99 ($12).

Important announcement regarding The Last Remnant [Steam]


    What happens to a video game when it stops being sold? Does it go to Silicon Heaven? If not, then where do all the calculators go? I'm not nearly drunk enough to answer these question

    You Kryten. X-P

    Damn good game. Not sure why they would pull digital sales though, costs them basically nothing at all to keep it up, set it and forget it.

      Set and forget, but i guess they're not getting enough money to warrant them to set it because surely they'll have to keep paying whoever keeping them in store

      I agree. It's understandable that making more physical copies to sell is not cost effective but pulling digital sales seems weird. I wonder whether this is a side effect of the constant Windows10 updates? In the past you could probably expect a game to be fine until you get a whole new version of windows, but with the incremental updates all the time now maybe that's become problematic.

      Even so, you'd think they could sell the game with a disclaimer, like not supported under Windows 10 or something.

        Yeah but then you have a few thousand idiots in the US who will still sue them because of some loophole in contract law specific to their state and then they have to defend it. Better to just cut the cord.

          Not sure you could sue if it's made clearly visible that it only runs on "system xyz". Otherwise you'd have people suing all the time because they bought a Mac version and they have a windows PC (or vice versa).

    These types of older gems are the games they should be trying to remaster. I played this on 360 and loved it. Would be awesome to at least make it backwards compatible or something.

    Agreed as well with ody, barely costs anything to keep it up.

      It is a weird game that becomes harder the more individual fights you do. Its a system that may cause the game to become completely unbeatable. I don't think it does any favors to their branding of JRPG greatness square likes to put out. Also old games can become hard to keep playable on more recent systems. Finally, a game that doesn't sell also doesn't look good to investors.

      Really? I bought this after loving Lost Odyssey and looking for more. The game had terrible frame rates issues and the story + gameplay wasn't good enough to justify dealing with it. Took it back for a full refund

        For me the main issue was load times. Other than that I enjoyed it enough to make it through the game to face the Absolute Conquerer boss on steroids. I could never beat him so I was shy Full completion by 2 achievements, lol.
        Might just be an individual thing I guess.

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