Sydney's Got A World Of Warcraft Hype Light Rail

It's not quite on the same level as the Fallout 4 Hype Tram, because Sydney's light rail isn't as good. But hey, at least they're looking a little better.

To mark the launch of Battle for Azeroth next week, local agency TorchMedia put together a reskin for the Sydney metro line.

It looks good! The Alliance and Horde facing off against each other is the most vibrant bit of the train, but it'll be much nicer to look at. On the odd occasion you can see the light rail amongst all of the trackwork, anyway.

Here's a video of the carriage getting its WoW reskin:

For reference, here's the Fallout 4 Hype Tram from a few years ago:

Yeah, Melbourne trams are still better. But hey, there's plenty of other opportunities. The natural red on the light rail would go nicely with, say, a new Diablo...


    I wonder if wow players will pick which carriage to use based on their faction (Horde being the superior choice of course)

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