The CW’s Constantine Animated Show Is Being Turned Into A Full Movie

The CW’s Constantine Animated Show Is Being Turned Into A Full Movie

For a character who had his own show cancelled after just one season, years later Matt Ryan’s take on DC’s snarky English spellweaver John Constantine is still surprisingly flourishing. Along with guest-starring on Arrow and a full-time turn on Legends of Tomorrows, Ryan’s Constantine even got his own animated show — which is now being turned into a movie.

The CW launched the first five episodes of its Constantine series on its CW Seed streaming service earlier this year, but it left Constantine’s latest adventure — helping an old friend save his daughter from a mysterious demonic coma after a tragic accident — unfinished.

Now, on top of the material released as those five episodes, it’s been turned into Constantine: City of Demons, a 90-minute movie that finishes the story the show began.

According to a provided press release from Warner Bros. Animation, the film features an entire hour’s worth of previously unseen animation — “including the film’s thrilling climax”, which seems like an important thing to see! Unfortunately, Australians can’t legally access CW Seed, so we’ll have to wait for an Australian home release.

Still, it’s nice to see that the company is actually concluding the story in a way more people will get to see it, and it is, as ever, incredibly delightful to hear Matt Ryan relishing the chance to play Constantine over and over again.

Constantine: City of Demons releases digitally and on both Blu-ray and Ultra-HD formats on the US on October 9. An Australian release date has not yet been confirmed.


  • Really liked the addition of Constantine to the Legends – the show already felt like it was a bunch of people running a D&D campaign and he added to that brilliantly.

  • If there’s an Aussie home release…

    While the majority of the CW superhero shows see a local release, we still haven’t had the live action Constantine series released here, let alone any word about the animated one.

    • Yes, definitely disappointing that it never got a proper release here. That said, the Constantine CW show is one of my all-time favourites, having watched it (on my hard drive) start to finish about 6 times (at least!). City of Demons was good for snippets, definitely excited for a longer release of it.

      Matt Ryan has become completely synonymous with the character (which is great), much like how the Marvel comics Tony Start, Nick Fury (among others) now pretty closely represent their MCU actors. (And yes, I know they changed MC Ultimate Fury to Sam Jackson-esque before the casting, but still).

      • Agree that Matt Ryan is awesome as Constantine. So glad that they’re keeping his version of the character alive by adding him to Legends of Tomorrow.

        Hopefully they do another live action Constantine series and include more DC magic staples like Zatanna & Deadman!

    • From memory, the live-action Constantine series wasn’t CW, so that’s not much to go off.
      That being said, we really have nothing to go off.

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