The Gamescom Fortnite Pooper Story Didn't Happen, Epic Says

Screenshot: Fortnite Battle Royale, Epic Games

Yesterday, the German website reported on a rumour that a Gamescom attendee defecated in a bag while waiting to play Fortnite. Today, the rumour circulated further on social media. Despite how badly we may want this to be true, according to Epic it never happened. Sorry!

According to’s article, other attendees stepped in the poop and smeared it around the hall, and then the ensuing smell caused a child to vomit. The reason why the pooper didn’t just get out of line? To get an exclusive in-game spray, so the rumour goes.

According to Epic Games PR rep Nick Chester, this particular video game convention nightmare did not happen. (Chester declined to provide further comment to Kotaku.)

A Gamescom attendee also said that this story wasn’t true, adding that someone threw a stinkbomb, but no one pooped:

Kotaku reached out to Gamescom about both the poop and the stink bomb, but did not hear back in time for publication.

The image of someone so desperate to get an exclusive item for a free-to-play game that they shat in a bag confirms so many of the worst stereotypes about people who play games. All gamers are obsessive, unhygienic and inconsiderate of social norms, right? That isn’t necessarily true of all gamers, but I’ve been to enough nerd-related conventions to know that things can get weird, and smelly.

This story was just one or two degrees away from the actual gross stuff that can go down, such as Homestuck cosplayers passing around and spitting in a bucket. Even Chester tweeted that such a story isn’t so implausible at Gamescom.

In case this is giving any attendees ideas on how to save time while at Gamescom: Please, just use the bathroom.


    Hey, Kris Straub! Love that guy.

    This is why I hate conventions. Most people are great. Most people...

      You hate them because of made up events that didn't happen?

        No, because of the <5% of people who decide to come in smelling like they've just rolled in rancid, rotting garbage.

        Seriously, some of them, it's just gag worthy. Plus I hate lining up for anything.

          It does tend to attract the people that do no wash at a higher rate than most public gatherings.

    It wouldn't suprise me at all if this had actually happened, Fortnite Fans are obsessed with this game, remember the urine soaked pillow and the young girl? Enough said.... I really don't see what all the fuss is about with this game, I've never felt more disconnected from weapons in a game until Fortnite

    *Puts on conspiracy hat*

    Of course they'd deny it happened. They don't want the reputation of the game tarnished. And the other person tweeting it is a sock puppet*

    *Takes off conspiracy hat*

    Just goes to show how quickly rumours spread on the internet and how easily people believe them. If it *had* happened there'd be poop footprint photos doing the rounds already.

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