The Internet Reacts To D.Va’s New Summer Skin

The Internet Reacts To D.Va’s New Summer Skin

The Overwatch summer event is starting on August 9, and Blizzard has slowly been revealing new skins in the lead-up. D.Va’s new beach-y look has captured fans’ hearts.

Winston and Ana have also had new skins revealed to promote the new Summer Games event, but given that it will take place in a new map based on D.Va’s hometown of Busan, she’s gotten some extra attention.

Is it the heart-shaped sunglasses that make this so charming? Or that her mech matches her shirt? In any case, Overwatch fans are head over heels for it.

It’s August, which means the Northern Hemisphere’s summer is drawing to a close. But it’ll soon be warming up in Australia, which makes it the perfect time to grab a pair of heart-shaped sunglasses.


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